FightTheStroke Promotes awareness of his mission and of the values in which he believes, also through scientific and motivational dissemination events.

Since June 2013 we have participated in these events: Check the latest dates and contact us to meet in one of the next events on the territory.




Facebook Communities Summit, London, 8/2/2018

Make to Care, Fond. Bassetti Milano, 21/2/2018

Investor Day Fabriq, Milan, 2/3/2018

Milano Digital Week, Milan, 18/3/2018

Presentation of the book ' Women Like Us ', Milan, 20/3/2018

Event Ashoka, Rome, 22/3/2018

NECST Talk, Milan, 23/3/2018

National Geographic Festival, Rome, 21/4/2018

Funky Prize, Milan, 23/4/2018

Catholic University-pedagogy, Milan, 9/5/2018

Convention Boheringer Ingelheim, Milan, 16/5/2018

Wired Next Festival, Milan, 26/5/2018

Garda Golf, 2/6/2018

Lindau Nobel Laureates, Lindau, 28/6/2018

Microsoft Oneweek Hack, 20-25/7/2018

Mirrorable Camp, Milan, 20/8/2018

Ashoka Lobbying, Brussels, 11/9/2018

Mapfre Social Innovation, Madrid, 12/9/2018

TechSoup Webinar, Milan, 14/9/2018

Social Media for patients, Università Cattolica, Milan, 20/9/2018

Prize Courier Good News, Milan, 24/9/2018

Conference Stroke Niguarda, Milan, 2/10/2018

World CP Day, Bosisio, 6/10/2018

Accessible Gaming, Milan, 7/10/2018

Ashoka Leadership Retreat, Paris, 9/10/2018

Observatory E-Health Polytechnic, Milan, 16/10/2018

MSD Patients Award, 16/10/2018

Confindustria, Reggio Emilia, 19/10/2018

Socap, San Francisco, 23/10/2018

Nova Open Innovation, Padova, 26/10/2018

Research and Innovation Day, Milan, 8/11/2018

Meeting Register PCI, Milan, 9/11/2018

Leadership Forum, Milan, 17/11/2018

Mindshare Huddle, Milan, 27/11/2018

Call4Brain -Tedmedlive, Milan, 30/11/2018

Fastweb Academy, Milan, 13/12/2018

Rotary for school, Imola, 14/12/2018

Startupitalia Open Summit, Milan, 17/12/2018

Kantar, Milan, 17/12/2018

Facebook Community Leadership Circle Summit, Berlin, 19/12/2018


Tedxtorino, Torino, 29/1/2017

Sanofi event, Empowering Life, Milan, 10/2/2017

NGO Day Microsoft, 16/2/2017

Stroke Conference-Humanitas, Milan, 17/2/2017

Presentation Book at Bosisio Parini, 17/3/2017

JPMorgan launch event, Geneva, 20/3/2017

FED Facebook, Milan, 22/3/2017

Global Good Fund Forum, Washington, USA, 4-9/4/2017

Stem in the city, Milan, 27/4/2017

Tedxbocconi, Milan, 12/5/2017

Event Digital School, Bergamo, 16/5/2017

Mom Award that Blog, 24/5/2017

Fundraising Festival, Lazise, 17-19/5/2017

Prize women who made it, Rome, 22/5/2017

Stroke Perinatale Conference, Milan, 26/5/2017

Tech Care Cagliari, Cagliari, 27/5/2017

Presentation Project Crew, Milan, 29/5/2017

Premio Digital 360, Milan, 7/6/2017

Countercurrent Prize, Milan, 7/6/2017

Ashoka Retreat, Bologna, 24/6/2017

Event SAP, Milan, 12/7/2017

Market visit, SPAIN, July-August 2017

Women's Time, Milan, 8/9/2017

Event Ashoka Schools Changemakers, Milan, 16/9/1971

Syncweek hackathon, Seattle, 18-22/9/2017

Chinaitaly, Chengdu, China, 8-13/5/2017

May 2017launch e-Book School Alley Oop, Milan, 20/9/2017

Forum Health Leopolda, Florence, 29/9/2017

Night of the researchers, Milan, 29/9/2017

Seif Award, Zurich, 2/10/2017

Tedxverona, Verona, 7-8/10/2017

Aifi Conference, Rome, 13/10/2017

Event MSD, Rome, 19/10/2017

Mmh Convention, Ingelheim, 25-27/10/2017

EU Award, Brussels, 27/10/2017

Tedmedlive FightTheStroke – Call4Brain , Milan, 3/11/2017

Premio More than Pink, Milan, 6/11/2017

Innovation Open Days, TechSoup, Milan, 7/11/2017

Nidi Prize, Imola, 8/11/2017

Wud, Milan, 9/11/2017

Tedxbolzano, Bolzano, 11/11/2017

Catholic University, Milan, 14/11/2017

Prix Donna range, 16/11/2017

Frontiers Health, Berlin, 17/11/2017

India Explorer Week, MMH, Coimbatore, 20-26/11/2017

Opencare, Milan, 22/11/2017

ASN Retreat, Barcelona, 23-24/11/2017

University medicine, Milan, 28/11/2017

Handimatica, Bologna, 30/11/2017

Women Caregivers Meetup, Milan, 3/12/2017

European Stroke Conference, Zagreb, 5-8/12/2017

Innovation Breakfast, Turin, 19/12/2017


Prize the champion for Health, Milan, 21/1/2016

Women and work, Milan, 25/1/2016

Hogan Lovell Corporate Event, London, UK, 2/2/2016

Parish Don Orione, Milan. 5 February 2016

Opening Night TED 2016 at the Cinema, Milan, 16/2/2016

Co-creation Challenge at Boheringer Ingelheim, Ingelheim, Germany, 13/3/2016

Tedxbinnenhoff, Milan, 31/3/2016

Ability Summit, Seattle, USA, 5/4/2016

Tedxcesena, Cesena, 10/4/2016

Tedxnovara, Novara, 6/5/2016

Book reading at the Festival ' differently alike ',
Cremona, 9/5/2016

Supernova Torino 2016, Torino, 27/5/2016

BI Italia Corporate event, Milan, 15/6/2016

TED Summit, BANFF, Canada, June 2016

NGO Day 2016, Rome, 8 June 2016

Premio Le Tecnovisionarie, Milan, 9/6/2016

Ashoka Italia Retreat, Fabriano, 9/7/2016

Digital Economy Forum, Facebook Italy, Milan, 14/7/2016

Corporate event Merck, Rome, 13/9/2016

European Pediatric Stroke simposium, Lyon, France, 21/9/2016

Design for All, Aich, Milan, 23/9/2016

Stroke Conference at St. Camillus, Rome, 24/9/2016

Open Innovation Day, Padova, 30/9/2016

TEDXCNR, Rome, 8/10/2016

Ashoka Globalizer & Philips, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 17-20/10/2016

Tedxbologna, Bologna, 22/10/2016

Web Summit, Lisbon, Portugal, 7-10/11/2016

World Usability Day, Milan, 10/11/2016

Third Sector shop, Ascoli P., 14/11/2016

Forum delle Excellenze, Milan, 19/11/2016

Everyone at Changemaker Ashoka, Milan, 22/11/2016

Jeffersonian Dinner by FightTheStroke , Milan, 24/11/2016

Call4Brain – Tedmed 2016, Milan, 2/12/2016


Grow Digitaliani, Cisco IoE Italian Forum, Milan, January 2015

SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK, Milan, February 2015

Tedxverona, Verona, March 2015

Crowdsourcing WEEK SUMMIT, Venice, March 2015

TECH4SOCIAL-GEC, Milan, March 2015

BOOKSTORE EVENTS: 4/4 Ascoli Piceno, 22/4 Milano-April 2015

Tedxbergamo, Bergamo, 11th of April 2015

Family Week, Ascoli Piceno, 17th of May 2015

The pink cloud, Milan, 19th of May 2015

Cionet meeting, Milan, 21st of May 2015

Festival Economia, Trento-Jury contest Think4social Vodafone, 29th of May 2015

COPD crowdshaped, San Francisco, 2-3rd of June 2015

WAVE Innovation, Milan, 8th of June 2015

NGO Day-Microsoft, 16th of June 2015

Women and tech, experiences in comparison with IBM and Talent Garden, 24th of June, 2015

Project CREW-Fondazione Cariplo, from June-July 2015

Milan Pride, 29th of June, 2015

MICROSOFT ABILITY hackathon, Redmond, USA, July 2015

Digital Heart, Rome, 11/9/2015

FESTIVAL SUPERNOVA, Torino, 27/9/2015

Stanford Medicine X, 23-29th of September 2015 (TBC-remotely)

Meet Sanofi, 29th of September 2015

Ashoka Fellows Meeting, Milan, 2nd of October, 2015

Women's time, courier of the evening, 4th of October, 2015

CSR and social innovation salon. Milan, 6th of October 2015

OTB Quarterly Convention, Vicenza, 23rd of October 2015

World Business Forum, Milan, 3-4th of November 2015

Disney, Milan, 6th of November 2015

Tedxpwcitaly, Milan, 19th of November 2015

Call4Brain And Tedmed 2015, Milan, 20th of November 2015

Hi-Talk, Rome, 23rd of November 2015

ABB, Dalmine, 26th of November 2015

Chamber of Deputies, Technology Solidary, Rome, 1st of December 2015

Startupitalia Open Summit, Milan, 14th of December 2015

Centodieci Mediolanum, Foligno, 16th of December 2015

Bioupper Contest Mentorship-Novartis, 17th of December 2015

Novatex Corporate Event, Oggiono, Varese, 19th of December 2015


Master Real Result Coaching-Dr. Cerè, Montecarlo, March 2014

The pink cloud-Microsoft, Rome, April 2014

Social Family Day-mom who blogs, Milan, May 2014

Assorel Academy, Milan, May 2014

Doctors 2.0, Paris, June 2014

NGO Day-Microsoft, Milan, June 2014

Mondadori Sales Convention, Milan, September 2014

Tedmed Live 2014 FightTheStroke & Hack-Med (Www. Callforbrain . com), Milan, September 2014

UnConference-Eisenhower Fellowship, Philadelphia (USA), November 2014

Cionet Xmas Dinner, Milan, December 2014


TED Global 2013, Edimburgh, June 2013

Tedxintel, Milan, September 2013

Ciudad de las Ideas, Puebla Mexico, November 2013

A staple on the farm-women Manageritalia Manager, Milan, November 2013

Better Decisions Forum-Low Carb Ed., Milan, December 2013


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