Are Francesca Fedeli , president of Fightthestrok and founder of Mirrorable .

We deal with motor-type disability, a problem that impacts different

Population bands from the elderly population, then over 65, which

For 50 percent is plagued by motor-type disabilities and multi-chronicity.

Not many people know that the stage where our brains are more vulnerable

It's when we're in our mom's belly.

About 17 million children around the world have had a diagnosis

of Infantile Cerebral palsy (PCI).

A problematic that intervened with a major lesion to their system

Central nervous and that can give them disabilities of a motor, cognitive or behavioral type.

From 2011 onwards, we began to take care of children who had developed

Brain injury at birth or in childhood, and we did it right thanks to Mario .

At birth she received a diagnosis of perinatal stroke, so a type of

Disease that we thought was associated mainly with adulthood.

We started from studying the brains of these 17 million children

Impacted by the diagnosis of infantile cerebral palsy and the 15 million

Children born pre-term, and therefore at high risk of developing in the future of

Motor-type disabilities.

From the beginning we realized that the children who had suffered a serious injury

At the brain at birth or in the pediatric age were somewhat forgotten by both the

Scientific research that from the system of care on the territory.

In fact today these children are able to have as type of rehabilitation

Guaranteed by the state, a couple of hours a week regarding rehabilitation

Especially motor.

We tend to work on the impacted area then on limiting the damage rather

than to intervene on the residual potential. We realized that the real welfare for

These families were the families themselves.

The family today takes charge of defining what can be the path of

Care and coordinate the different figures of the rehabilitation route.

We began to wonder but what would happen if instead of going to

Evaluate only the outcome of the lesion and intervene from the point of view

Rehabilitative only on their hand that does not move, or on their foot that

He walks in a strange way, we could really impact through a

Early detection on their residual potential, then go to work on

Those who are their strengths, and go them to develop so that they too

Can they have a future of self-satisfied adults?

I am Roberto D'Angelo And together with my wife I'm the co-founder of FightTheStroke .

Mirrorable Born in 2014 with the intention of creating a solution to

360 degrees for these children and their families.

The 3 pillars on which it is based Mirrorable were: the strong partnership

With the most advanced scientific research, the use of modern technologies and

Innovative and the obsession in designing this process, this solution

Absolutely around the children and for the children themselves.

We have immediately established a very strong partnership with the research team of professor Giacomo

Rizzolatti , who had discovered a few years ago the concept of neurons

Mirror. From a technology standpoint, we started to exploit the network,

Artificial intelligence to build on a part of the family support networks that went

Beyond any kind of barrier, until you get to create a real

Tele-rehabilitation solution for these children.

A technology platform that helps these children directly to their home

Making parents an active part of this process through technologies

Ranging from artificial intelligence to Peer-Learning, i.e. these

Children learn from each other thanks to technology, it's like it's a

Continuum in which you see through the screen of your computer or television

And they can learn new skills, which then help them in their daily lives.

It is a course of magic within a month, training every

Day, for about 45 minutes, they learn a new magic trick.

Hi guys Welcome to Mirrorable ! This month learn the secrets to become

Real wizards.

First of all there is a process that has been drawn around the needs of the family.

This is the black line, the straight line. Now I'll make you feel the Green Line zig

Zag. Listen well this is the red line that makes the waves wide.

We have given the opportunity for families to establish and choose the best time to

Do the screening visit. The screening visit in the clinical trial is

Fundamental because it allows us to have a standardized first visit. To

Family is delivered a toolkit. The toolkit consists of a box, a

Container that is not a simple box, it is the container of magic and

Every child has chosen his style. Inside the toolkit there is a computer,

A 3d Kinect camera, magic games.

The Magic Course is done first by looking at a professional magician who thanks to

Of the particular techniques of shooting allows us to show the minimum

Details the movements, the granularity of the movements. Then there's a phase that's called

Visualization that allows me to close my eyes and to rework

What I just saw, and then there's the third and last part that

In which I army in learning makeup, but I don't do it alone, I

I do along with another child that I know to be my ideal equal in this

Learning process.

means that upstream we have selected of the couples of the children in function

of their motor and cognitive abilities and their ability to be trailed or to tow another.

There's nothing more effective in activating mirror neurons than having my own

Even slightly better than me, but not too much, because this just stimulates the

Most of the mechanism of brain plasticity.

We have been able to track to constantly monitor within

Each session as the children's emotions fluctuate:

We were able to create some sort of empathy telemetry system that is

Measuring when these two remotely connected children were able to

Converge on the same emotion.

From the point of view of the engine results the aim was to stimulate

Bi-manual skills and the children who got the improvements let's talk about a

Average improvement around 26, 26.5 percent.

are very interesting numbers especially if you consider the period

Brief all in all of administering the clinical trial:

We're talking about four weeks.

Are Arturo Nuara , I am a neurophysiopathologist and I work in the Parma Office of the Institute of Neuroscience

of the CNR. The project Mirrorable Fits into what the context of the laboratory tradition of which

I'm part, which is known for discovering mirror neurons.

The Mirror Neurons are a particular class of neurons that activates both when we accomplish

A certain action is when we observe our like that is

Performing the same action. There is a lot of scientific evidence

Suggesting that observing an action, playing it internally, then

Represent it internally through the imagination and then run it

Actively limiting it, can lead to motor learning, a

Increase also of the motor performances considered.

Mirrorable This concept is certainly inspired by this neuro-rehabilitative approach

Introducing an important novelty that the interaction between child and child.

This particular class of neurons activates in fact when we accomplish a certain

Action and in the same way when we observe a similar one who is doing the same action

So they instantly turn a visual type of information into a

Motor representation.

The study Mirrorable It started in 2016. After the implementation phase of the platform

You went to the recruitment the children were visited in the month before

At the beginning of its administration of the platform and at the distance of a

Month from the beginning of the use of Mirrorable .

What we have observed is a significant improvement in the capabilities of

Manual features in the limb affected by cerebral palsy

In particular for everything related to bi-manual activities.

In other words the children were able, at the end of the use of Mirrorable

To work more easily, to recruit more willingly and limb

Deficit in bi-manual tasks.

It is important to note that compliance with adherence to treatment and the degree of

Engagement showed a truly satisfactory profile.

Just think that all the sessions were carried out adequately, there was a degree of

Very particular satisfaction on the part of the children, and the families attended so

Daily constant in a profitable way to the whole rehabilitation process.

What seems to predict a certain sense the possibility that this happens

Improvement is the fact of interacting with a child who has

Capacities higher than their own from the motor point of view.

In other words it is as if it had occurred some sort of dragging in which the

Leader or better who has the ability to offer better performance to the

A motor point of view and able to induce motor learning more

Efficient in those who have more difficulties.

I am Guendalina Graffigna I am Associate professor at the Faculty of Psychology

Of the Catholic University of Milan and I coordinate the research center Engage Minds Hub.

Engagment is the technical term that indicates the active involvement and perception of

But also of psychological resilience that the parent can have

During the rehabilitation course of her child.

In the project Mirrorable We did an evaluation at T0 i.e. at the beginning of the enlistment

In the trial and then after four weeks of experimentation. In

Experimentation Mirrorable Showed a growth of about 10

Percent in the engagement levels of parents of children who have

Attended. These are really important results because it means that

We have in the sample detected virtually minimized, brought to zero,

After the experimentation those parents who although minority had levels

Very low engagement at the beginning of the trial and we managed to have

The majority of parents participating in level 4 of engagement, which is therefore the highest level

Optimal, so from our point of view, both scientific and we say

Clinical application, we can only say that experimentation has brought

Of the very potential indications of this instrument.

Then my name is Isabella Baroni, I am Tito's mother: he entered immediately

In an empathic connection with the little girl who was participating in the project

Along with him and this I think was the strongest motivational boost to

Carry on the project for the whole month. It's easy, it's easy to

Use, practically to fit the child in the sense that he was always Tito who started

or closed the platform.

My name is Stefania Bernava and I'm Federico Prina's mother. The fact of doing it at home

It certainly facilitated me as a parent. It is about

A therapy that is not experienced by the child as such but a moment of

Great self-esteem because he manages to make a something for which he was chosen and not

Another, and in a familiar context where you can invite friends, companions, where you can

Practice without being stressed by the hospital presence of a

Doctor. Anyway he never quit, he never said I don't want to do it anymore

Because in my opinion it is very important that there was also another child

On the other side that awaited him and that he could not go on without him

Now he grabs things better and he knows how to coordinate with

His hand and he knows how to move where he says.

It is important because the child stays at home and does not have to face therapies outside

Or still taking it out of his family tissue.

The memory is that of a new experience, different from the

Usually and according to rehabilitative. The problem we looked at it from the

Personal perspective and instead of interpersonal

That is, instead of us parents who looked at the problem for the first

Time was the little girl who saw her problem, directly in herself and

Mirrored and then mirrored also in the other child of course on TV and

This allowed then to move a lot with her the talk about self-help

So the the ability in itself to find motivation for

Improve. With respect to the rehabilitation sessions with the operator where we

We're out the door this was an experience that has

involved not only them but there we were just as a supporter, mom and dad at

Side them during the daily sessions.

What he learned quickly to do was to exercise the handkerchief because at

Pull part do I could even not show the makeup.

There was a ring that you took with the magic hand and there was a yellow sliver

Blue and you shut it down to not show it with your other hand you push it

It was another color. I did the Prestige games!

The idea of seeing each other and doing it with another that is not there, but you see it and

Also very nice so I liked it and then at the end when I had to stop me

He's very sorry, that's all. That spells are true!

Now we can build above what we have achieved in order to help

More and more children, more and more families. See Mirrorable As a platform

Technology to evolve more and more towards a system that supports therapists and

That maybe it's inside the rehabilitation center or the structure and that

She works in symbiosis with what is done at home together with her

Families. We see the evolution and integration of a digital world with a physical world,

That's why we're making a Mirrorable Intensive physical Camp where

Children meet physically in the same

Place for two weeks.

An evolution of the child not only as

Subject of the rehabilitation process, but as the protagonist of the process of


We see the child that at some stage

Of the path is the one who learns why he receives from another child who is a little more

Bravo to him or her, we see the same child who in

Another stage becomes the Master of someone else

We think that this mechanism of learning to skill engines and

Can be extended, why not, even to the so-called normal children if it is

True as we have been told so far that FightTheStroke He was born with the mission

Just to help these children affected by stroke and their families, is

Also true that we see in the near future the possibility of helping

Also other types of people with similar problems: I mean who has

Motor-type problems For example there is the whole world of

Adults affected by stroke there is the world of Parkinson's or there is the

World of orthopedic rehabilitation.

Hello everyone I loved to do

Mirrorable With Tito. I enjoyed a lot with the Bussolotti

I committed myself, engaged and then finally I succeeded. I sat down and then

I tried to do it and in the end I came up with the prestige.

Happy to do Mirrorable ! But he can't make it.... Olè! Great magician!