The Summer Camp Mirrorable Takes inspiration from other models of intensive rehabilitation studied abroad, in order to be able to extend the research protocol not only to the activities of motor empowerment but also to cognitive enhancement and to initiate to the sport of the different paraolympic disciplines. An experiment unique in the world and very challenging.

Francesca Fedeli and Roberto D'Angelo - founders of FightTheStroke and creators of remote rehabilitation platform Mirrorable - so tell the idea behind this project:

'We asked ourselves: what would happen if instead of exercising the children through a screen we were to meet them live? What would happen if the learning process for children with cerebral lesions at birth was continuous, personalized, intensive but environmentally friendly, when they needed it most? And if growing their motor rehabilitation could pass from the clinic to the practice of new sports adapted to their needs? '

From these questions was born the idea of the Camp: Translating the results of the tele-rehabilitation platform Mirrorable To real life, building an ecosystem that combines the advantages of technology with benefits of being together and sporting activity

'After our direct experience in New York (Columbia University) and Madrid (Universidad de villaviciosa de Odon), we studied extensively all the intensive camp models for children diagnosed with infantile cerebral palsy and realized that The offer is seldom individualized and often unbalanced or towards ' recreational therapy ' or towards the willingness to ' fix ' something broken. In None of the camp surveyed is proposed the start to practice sports, and too often Italian families have to compromise in the offer of summer programs for individuals with different fragility, forced to move abroad and pay out of pocket Or to choose admissions in the hospital to reach the intensificity of treatment necessary to modify postures and behaviours. '

During the Summer Camp was also put in place one experimental research study and will be tested new evaluative approaches,thanks to the use of knowledge and technological devices at the forefront (e.g. 3d cinematic recording) and the partnerships established with different study centres: The research design is in fact the result of an alliance that sees the collaboration of researchers Of the University of Neuroscience of Parma with the National Center of Specialized Teachers (Cnis), directed by Prof. Daniela Lucangeli, trainees selected in collaboration with the degree course in Motor Sciences of the Catholic University of Milan, up to the main sports associations and coordinators experienced in physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

'We are ready to be inspired by the model Wilma Rudolph, Olympic champion who until 9 years has suffered due to a disabling illness but who has been able to exploit the challenges proposed by life to rise and become an excellence, thanks to Sport '

conclude Francesca Fedeli and Roberto D'Angelo.

Il progetto Mirrorable Camp è stato reso possibile grazie al contributo di  Fondazione Vodafone Italia  e al nostro fantastico  team

The project Mirrorable Camp was made possible by the contribution of Vodafone Italy Foundation and to our fantastic team

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