We wrote a book because we still had something to say. and to thank.

A book about the Good sense of Mirror Neurons And what we learned from the Our history with Mario, starting from Genesis, passing through the TED and ending up with our projects between medicine and technology.

At the beginning will introduce you to the story a message of sensational bassist Saturnino While in the end we will greet you with a beautiful perspective of the science of Prof. Giacomo Rizzolatti.

You can buy it in your trusted library or Online at Amazon, in the paper version or in ebook.

THE Proceeds To us destined by the sale of the book will be completely Donated to the association FightTheStroke, for a better future of the young survivors of stroke.

Not at all tired of continuing to fight. What about you?

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Lotta e sorridi. Una storia d’amore e scienza   di Francesca Fedeli   (  acquistabile qui  )  Sarà presto disponibile in altre lingue!

Fight and smile.
A love story and science
Of Francesca Fedeli

(can be purchased here)

Will soon be available in other languages!

Lächle und gib niemals auf. Wie wir gegen den Schlaganfall unseres kleinen Sohnes kämpften   von Francesca Fedeli   (  acquistabile qui  )  La versione in tedesco

I am very very very
I don't know what to do with the rest of the business...
Von Francesca Fedeli

(can be purchased here)

The German version

"Four years ago I got a shot. Mario , my newborn son, had suffered a stroke. While she was on her lap? During childbirth? I don't know yet: it happens to two or three children in a thousand, and all report damage to the brain. In his case, forty percent of the right hemisphere was "burnt", probably the left side of his body would be paralyzed. The statistics, now I understand, are like: they tell you only what you can not do. What we can do we discovered a little at a time: so much physiotherapy, at home and at the hospital, and an experimental program for the activation of Mirror Neurons . But it wasn't enough. Because Mario He did not look at the exercises, he looked at us parents, so focused on teaching him the autonomy that we had forgotten to transmit to him the joy of living. Then we changed perspective: if we wanted the best from our son, we had to give the best of us. We began to do with him the beautiful things we liked before: travelling, listening to music, reading, attending friends. And he, step by step, literally, he set himself up and became the smiling child he is today. Our story is not a miracle or a fable: it is an example of what curiosity, courage, love and science can do. That's why I wanted to tell it in a book, as my husband and I told it at the TED Global of 2013, and from there it went around the world. Preface by Saturnino . Afterword of Giacomo Rizzolatti ."
— Fight and smile Francesca Fedeli