Our mission

Driven by the conviction that all children should be equal to birth, the association FightTheStroke He wants to ensure a better future for young people who have survived stroke and their families.

FightTheStroke It exists to respond to the need for knowledge and support for families impacted by the management of a stroke survivor; To educate the awareness that children, even those unborn, can be affected by stroke; To inspire the new generations and foster the research and adoption of therapies ' disruptive '.

Because an accident at birth should not dictate the future of these children.


  • FightTheStroke Believes in opportunity to offer a dignified life to those who experienced a major trauma such as stroke at birth or at a young age, so that you look at opportunities and strengths more than the individual areas of improvement.

  • FightTheStroke Believes in the role of Sharing experiences To give support to families impacted by trauma related to health and disability in general.

  • FightTheStroke Believes in Care of the individual as a unit And not as a set of organs to maintain and repair.

  • FightTheStroke Believes in Role of the family As a critical success factor in the rehabilitation and post-trauma care process.

  • FightTheStroke Believes in Cultural contamination and the value of technology, as enablers in human relationships and to develop the unexpressed or varied potential of people.

  • FightTheStroke Believes in Dissemination of knowledge in the medical-scientific field So that all levels of the population are able to measure and maintain their health.

  • FightTheStroke Believes in the principles of Sustainability Of its activities and is committed to respecting and disseminating the objectives of sustainable growth, both in the non-profit and in terms of value shared with the company in which we operate.