A center for young Survivors of stroke

Announced on September 21, 2017 in Rome during S @ lute-the innovation Forum for health promoted by FPA-comes to life the first Neonatal and Pediatric Stroke Center Thanks to the willingness of cooperation between theAssociation FightTheStroke and theChildren's Hospital Gaslini in Genoa.

Born on the experience of other international stroke centers, it represents the First Center in Italy For the diagnosis, research and care of infants and children on the pathology ofPediatric and Neonatal stroke.

"We are proud to give a very important news for Italian pediatrics: The pediatric Neonatal Stroke Center is born, an advanced structure that is the result of the alliance between Gaslini, which can count on Competenzemultidisciplinary and an experience of more than 300 Children already followed all over Italy, and the association FightTheStroke , which brings together families affected by this very disabling pathology – explained Silvio Del Buono, health director of the pediatric hospital Gaslini, in his intervention at the conference "needs and perspectives of the networks of management and care of children with results of Pathology: an Alliance for quality and efficiency". The center will start with a clinic open to the public, a coordinated team of professionals of different disciplines, an advanced technological capacity and research projects already started with the best centers around the world. It will provide patients and their families with the possibility of diagnosis and qualified assistance, both in the acute and in the chronic phase, in a complete path from prevention to management of the serious relics of this pathology. It will also carry out research and training activities aimed at both professionals and families, in a role of ' Hub and Spoke ' in which it is intended to be a reference point also for peripheral centres. The center will be an advanced structure of excellence, the first in Italy for the management of a disease that today affects thousands of children in Italy.

For information on how to access the Day Hospital health care regimen at the hospital Gaslini's neonatal and pediatric Stroke Center, just fill in and submit this form.

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