Tedmed LIVE # FightTheStroke 2018:a one day-event designed by those who participated in #Call4Brain .


A day-event designed by those who participated in # Call4Brain .

Milan, 1 December 2018Tedmed Live | Call4Brain It was confirmed to the Fifth Italian edition as a reference appointment in the dissemination and promotion of the great challenges of medicine, science, innovation. The 2018 edition, which took place this year for the first time in the prestigious seat of the Royal palace, thanks to the patronage of the municipality of Milan, has recorded as always Sold out, with the usual levels of active participation on the part of the public, confirming a formula that is consolidating and is increasingly able to foster the sharing of ideas, positions and personal experiences, scientific, medical, and innovation points of view. 

They tell us the numbers collected by a post-event feedback survey: 90% of participants judged this edition of # Call4Brain Well above average, 99% would recommend it to friends and many would put it in the training pathways of health professionals and in patients ' care pathways. And the verbatim of the survey also tells us:

'There was in this year's edition a strong personal, emotional, not always easy to modulate, much empathy in the room, much on stage, in short not only brain and science but also a lot of emotion. And at the bottom of the wealth of # Call4Brain This is it.'

Also the Online and offline media coverage Of the event had a reach of over 60m of unique visitors and # Call4Brain It was trending topic on Twitter on the day of 30/11/2018.

The theme of this year's edition was that indefinite limbo Between chaos and clarity, between the rigour of science and the divergent phase of innovation research.

' This year more than ever we have tried to interpret the essence of the American event: starting from the talk of tedmed, has indeed turned on an animated discussion and led by the public itself. Those looking for inspiration is better than going to the theater, here we tell stories of action, we make the future happen that we want. ', have declared the promoters and co-founders of FightTheStroke , Francesca Fedeli and Roberto D'Angelo.

Fighthestroke -Organizer of the event-opened the day presenting its most important achievements, including the results of the pilot project Mirrorable-state-of-the-art rehabilitation platform between neuroscience and artificial intelligence– and the Mirrorable CampFunded by the Vodafone Foundation as part of the #OSO project.

There then was the customary Space dedicated to the awards, made possible this year thanks to the companies Lenovo and Moleskine:

To Elena Tantardini – MOLESKINE award to the Woman caregiver by # FightTheStroke , for inspiring with his example other families to cultivate the pleasure and skills developed thanks to maternity, as a role in the round and without renounce from being a woman and a professional of value.

To Rossana Bigliardi and Riccardo – LENOVO award to mother and son by # FightTheStroke , for having been able to donate their experience to a younger community and to have demonstrated even with the facts that, without a vigilant urban catch on its catastrophe, traffic remains blocked.

To the family Lucia Mancini and Adriano Pelliccia-LENOVO award to the family by # FightTheStroke , for having been able to cope with the challenges of early diagnosis with an equally precocious activation; For the capacity to listen and to make use of common sense also in the choices that affect the health of the family and also in a logistically non-favorable context.

A Silvia Tedoldi – MOLESKINE Award to the expert caregiver by # FightTheStroke , for having been able to better combine the role of caregiver and physician, promoting in the manner and with the most appropriate tones the scientific dissemination also within our community.

To Greenpeace Italy with Cecilia Preite Martinez and Alessio Nunzi – BEST WORKPLACE for Caregivers INCLUSION by # FightTheStroke , for demonstrating with the facts and not only with the application of laws and regulations that an employee dealing with traumas can continue to be a resource with high potential. Thank you for allowing one of our mothers to continue to do their job, to maintain their goals, to build a career and to have aspirations regardless of their working time, from its schedule a bit erratic, from the times in which maybe He had to say hey I just can't do it.

Thank you for allowing one of our dads to be able to stay next to their family with the utmost flexibility on schedules or work venues. And for having seized the opportunity to definitively change the rule on leave for the neo-fathers extending the period from 3 to 10 days. 

Thanks to Greenpeace Italy for its ability to help each person reach more and go beyond their limits.

The day then gave room to the Talk about the world tedmed that took place in deferred in California and that FightTheStroke Brought to Italy, in exclusive preview. Among the various talk seen and commented in the room this year there was much talk of oncology, starting with the intervention of Kate bowler, Divinity Professor ' who gets sick has to serve a few sentences? Positive thinking really helps to heal? '; Then followed the talk by David Asch, the Behavioral Economist: ' Can we exploit our irrational nature to change behaviors and lead healthier lifestyles? ' and in closing Mitchell Katz: ' There may be a way to eliminate economic disparities in Different health treatments? '.

In the classroom, to coordinate discussion on the sidelines of Talk, The two ambassadors of the day, the storyteller and expert patient Bianca Borriello and the lawyer and writer Ester Viola, rewarded by the participants as the best interpreters ever of the message of # Call4Brain Over the last 5 years.They also interviewed the guest reporter and writer Alessandro Milan, in a masterful lesson of how we can cross the pain with a resilient spirit.

Present in the room, in the audience, the 20 Italian scientific curators: From academics, to representatives of the first National Congress of medical students, to business professionals, service designers, physicians, scientific communicators, innovative patients and disability advocates.


Much appreciated in the foyer of the Royal Palace also the experiential session of innovative products, including The Xbox Adaptive Controller, designed by Microsoft to meet the needs of players with reduced mobility.

The afternoon workshop realized in collaboration with Sanofi Genzyme and Polifactory, and moderated by Marco Rosetti, finally addressed a very topical theme, the role of the patient/innovator Caregiver, session in which they were involved, in a new mode of interaction, all participants in the event: we like to think that the audience of # Call4Brain He represented in concrete way the figure of the ' innovator patient ', the last evolutionary stage of a pathway that led patients to increase their authority and their role as bearers of new product-service solutions in Healthcare field. A first step to reflect together on this data, even downstream of the event.

 The day ended with a moment of celebration of the fifth birthday, thanks to the aperitif offered by Boehringer Ingelheim.

' Also this year's ticket to the Tedmedlive # FightTheStroke It was ' Entitled to nothing ', as Frank Underwood would say: an event built by and with participants, volunteers, partners. ' concluded the Promoters Francesca Fedeli And Roberto D'Angelo, before giving an appointment to the 2019 edition.

A selection of photos of event 2018 and the report ' who is the innovative patient? ' are available on: Https://www. Call4Brain com

PS: Make peace with English because even next year the talks held in California by international speakers will be screened in English:-)

Tedmedlive # FightTheStroke 2018 was sponsored by the municipality of Milan and was supported by the support of these partners: Avanade – Boehringer Ingelheim – BTS-Cisco-Doxa Pharma-Geico Taikisha-Lenovo-Microsoft-Moleskine – Novatex-Sanofi Genzyme – Nestl is San Pellegrino

Goodbye to 2019!