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Simona is 26 years old, she studies Medicine in Milan and buys more books than she can read. And who wouldn't?

We met Simona in one of the first editions of Www. Call4Brain . com And immediately we admired his curiosity, his desire to get involved to understand how we live and how we could live better, even through books (he told his experience to TEDMEDLive # FightTheStroke of 2017 And Here his reading of ' Fight and smile ' ). 

We therefore advise you to deepen your reviews of ' health ' themed books because we believe it is the best way to educate new generations to a scientific culture and to better understand some ongoing conversations about physician-patient relationships.

This is the list of readings that Simona has thought for the families of FightTheStroke , for the benefit of young survivors of Stroke with a disability of Infantile Cerebral Palsy:

  • An Anthropologist on Mars - Seven patients, seven stories, and the great humanity that distinguishes Oliver Sacks ' narrative. 

  • Spillover - A glimpse into the world of viruses and epidemics of our time.  

  • Sapiens-From Animals to Gods - From The origin of the world to become masters of the world, Harari takes us on a journey to discover human evolution. 

  • Steel Weapons and diseases - An unmissable essay to understand the nature of the great variability of the human species, between epidemics and technological discoveries. 

  •  Each patient tells his story - An essay that reminds us of the importance of listening to the patient, his history and his illness. 

  •  Medicines and Lies - Against Those who use the fear of sickness for personal profit.

  • Vaccines, the right not to be afraid - A great place to start for all those times you need to remember. 

  •  It's the medicine, beauty! - The fascination of Medicine told by a young scientific popularly. 

  •  The Factory of the bodies - A very enjoyable graphic novel that retraces the history of surgery and helps not to be afraid of diversity.

  •  Growing up with books: Literary Remedies to keep children healthy, wise and happy - Ella Berthoud and Susan Elderkin, after "Caring with books", propose a collection of reading tips for children: It is a book to keep on the bedside table and to browse when you want to be inspired to find a new book to read. 

  • On the side of the girls - It is a wise date, but still tremendously topical: gender equality is not only a struggle of adulthood, but it is an imprinting that every parent from (or not from) to their children, educating and growing them day by day. 

  • It's Not you I've been waiting for - Autobiographical Graphic novel that tells the story of Fabien Toulmè and his little Julia, with one more chromosome.

  •  Born twice - (This I have not read it yet) but speaks of neonatal disability and it seems interesting to report it to the ' young ' families, new diagnoses.

You can still Find an inexhaustible repertoire of Simona Scarioni's new reviews on her blog and on the Instagram page:


Good Reading and # FightTheStroke !

Milan 7/4/2019