FightTheStroke At the World Business Forum-November 2015 ' Angel

Be a better mirror

The Their History 
Mario She's 4 years old and big dark, beautiful, deep eyes. He only has 10 days to live when Francesca and Roberto discover that she suffered a stroke: while she was on her lap? During childbirth? It is not known: perinatal stroke affects 2-3 children in a thousand, they seem few but this is the main cause of disability in children, yet no one talks about it. Soon Francesca and Roberto understand that statistics tell you only what you can not do. What you can do the have discovered a little at a time: so much physiotherapy and an experimental program for the activation of Mirror Neurons . 

They begin to collaborate with Professor Rizzolatti , a world-renowned neuroscientist who discovered the Mirror Neurons And in 2014 he was awarded the Brain Prize. The Mirror Neurons They are a starting point for Francesca and Roberto, who through different and entirely personal approaches to the disease manage to obtain unexpected results for the small Mario . In 2013 they give life to the association FightTheStroke . org, with the aim of supporting young people with stroke survivors through early diagnosis and a new approach to motor rehabilitation. Their story was told in some international conferences (they organized the tedmed live streaming 2014 and the first hackathon in medicine in Italy) and in 2015 was published fight and smile. 

Career Highlights

• Francesca Fedeli : A past in Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility, represented Italy in the United States as Eisenhower Fellow for Innovation 2014 and is the author of the book ' Fight and Smile '. 
• Roberto D'Angelo : Twenty years of experience in the world of Information Technology, most of which in Microsoft, in Sales & Marketing roles both in Italy and internationally. 
• Co-founders of the movement FightTheStroke , support from 2011 The cause of the young survivors of the stroke, as their small Mario , and they continue to make their history known through world-wide resonance events such as TED Global, Ciudad de las Ideas and Doctors 2.0. 
• In October 2013, the association joined the Board of Directors of the International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke, and was selected as a finalist for numerous local and international innovation Awards.

Presentation topics
What they will talk about:

• Overcoming a shock: Do not focus on the problem but work on the solution 
• From inspiration to action: How to be a good ' mirror ' for people around us 
• Turning fear into adventure 
• Enable change, working on the incremental habits and objectives 
• Inspire new generations and foster research and adoption of ' disruptive ' therapies 
• Know and share to improve together: Open Medicine, Citizen Science, edutainment, crowdsourced Solutions, Internet of Things