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Visiting the book fair for Children in Bologna was for me, this year, a double emotion: I have always been passionate about children's literature and, in addition, this time I walked the scene in the official role of Special Envoy, commissioned by Fight The Stroke To discover stories usable by our hemikids and we hemiparents.

Well, I share with you with immense pleasure the rich booty of the mission!

First surprise, from Carthusia Publishing House, which is the primacy of having in the catalogue many beautiful stories dedicated to the courage, to the disease, to the ' different ' needs:

-       The cat who had lost his tail

"Once upon a time there was a little brindle cat who had lost his tail. ' Do you know where my tail is? ' Asked the wise men. ' Your tail is in the end of the world ' answered the great sages. Age of reading: from 3 years.


-       My sister is a four-leaf clover

Viola has a new baby sister, Mimosa. She's happy, but she immediately realizes there's something wrong. Mimosa seems very ugly, but also pretty, just like all infants: only the father, the mother and the grandmothers behave in a strange way. Viola realizes slowly that Mimosa is different from other children, but also knows that it is special: special as a four-leaf clover. This story is meant to talk to children about disabilities and in particular what it means for the family to welcome the birth of a disabled child. Through the eyes, emotions and experiences of a sister, we face difficult issues such as diversity and acceptance, reminding us that everyone in his own way is rare and for this special. Age of reading: for 5 years.


-       The house with so many windows


of the publisher GiralangoloInstead, mark it:

-       Say do dance

This is an primer full of movement: each letter is a verb, each verb an action. Here you love and dance, you sing at the top of the mouth, you jog, you laugh at the stitches and you end up zigzagging. Because learning the alphabet is not a dry and repetitive practice, but an adventure full of joy and fun. Reading Age: for 4 years.


For those who have children of school age, indispensable is the publisher Erickson, to which I refer you with a link to the entire catalogue:


In particular, I liked The necklace nights of the empty moon


Also mark the entire Catalog 2017 ibby Selection of Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities, whose next version will be published in 2019.


But now we come to the stories "just beautiful", but I have seemed written specifically for us:

-       The wonderful Cicciapelliccia

The wonderful Cicciapelliccia is a new, splendid story by Beatrice Alemagna. Who, as a child, did not seek a special gift, very specialized, for his mother? In This story, the little Eddie, a fuchsia-clad little girl who thinks she knows nothing about nothing, puts herself on the trail of the most beautiful gift in the world. Instead he finds an alien creature and saves it from the trash bin to find out that... Big Surprise Finale!


-       Mirror

The Korean author faces with precise and captivating images designed the theme of the Mirror and the Mirror, retracing and miming the visual games that all, from small to large, make before this daily object that reflects our images.


-       The Infinite Puzzle

Fleas, dogs, geese, hyenas, parrots, flies and rabbits live with us, with billions of other animals and people. If we count those who live in heaven and, Beyond the clouds, in space, there seems to be no such immense number to contain us all, as if we were part of an infinite puzzle. But even if we are many and seem very different, something unites us: we are all different. And even if there is not a number that contains us all, there is a word in which we can find ourselves: we. With this book, Diego Bianki invites you to open up to the world and create an ever bigger puzzle. Bigger, bigger and bigger... Reading Age: for 4 years.


-       Listen to My Heart

When the new teacher is nicknamed Arpia Lash and when every day of school turns into a battle, you can well believe that in IV D it really happens of all colors! Among skeletons to reassemble and motorcycles, Austrian generals and ghosts in frame, readers of picture stories and panthers of Velvet, three heroines as Elisa, Prisca, Rosalba will lead their fight against injustice, at the cost of waiting for the victory to arrive slow but Inexorable as a turtle... Age of reading: from 11 years.


-       Mallko and Dad 

An illustrator dad and his son Mallko. A great love story. Winner of Bologna Ragazzi Award for Disability 2016.


-       Fears of Mom

Mama Capra is an anxious mom. Like all moms. Even more. He sees dangers everywhere. Sometimes he exaggerates. But sometimes maybe he's right: can you trust a vegetarian butcher and a Mr. Wolf who is longing for the good old days? Probably not. Reading Age: for 4 years.


-       THE SAME

It's a very.

"Isso é mais difícil do que encontrar uma agulha num palheiro!".

Mas quem said que encontrar uma agulha num palheiro é asim entao difícil?

Este Livro vem prove que muitas own and Difíceis (and Há tantas!) podem ser, afinal, bem mais fáceis do que pensávamos.

Neste Livro, a tragic só avança à medida que atravessas labyrinintos (uns mais fáceis, outros mais difíceis).

Há 14 labyrinintos à tua espera!


Finally, on the subject of artistic stimulation, art therapy:

-       Nests of notes

This is the story of Cirino and Coretta, two brothers who went on the lookout for the Sun-player and the moon singer. It is a book that narrates fairy tales, shows figures, plays music and acts nursery rhymes. You can read and listen to it as a path or musical education for children. Or as a journey of self-discovery and the world for all. Or just like a lovely fairy tale. The CD hidden in this nest of notes contains one hour of music and poetry: The Ten original songs played by Paolo Fresu, Sonia Peana and the Devil Quartet, and the eleven Tiritere of the book recited by Bruno Tognolini. Reading Age: for 4 years.


-       The Color factory


-       Art Games


-       The kitchen of the scribbles


I leave you with a short, but intense, photographic review and with the invitation to organize a group trip to the next edition of the Literary Festival: because literature is life and is good for the heart, and because children's literature is good for the hearts and brains of Children, moms and dads, whether they're hemi-or not!

Curated by Elena Tantardini – Bologna, 26-29 March 2018