It ' happened that in 2015 we came into contact with the managers of the Dynamo Camp and so from the first season 2016 we agreed to access the selections for summer camps even children of @ FightTheStroke.

Dynamo Camp is a specially designed field for children suffering from chronic pathologies in therapy and in the post-hospitalization period.
The field ( is located in Limestre, in the province of Pistoia and is part of the association "Serious Fun Children's Network" founded by Paul Newman that offers programs similar to thousands of children around the world (
The Dynamo Camp program consists of a wide range of creative, expressive, entertaining and exciting activities, structured according to the model of recreational therapy.
Every activity at Dynamo Camp can be interpreted as a personal, constructive challenge without competing elements.
The experience at the camp is much more than just a vacation: it involves the activities of a traditional camp, but adapted to be accessible to all participants under the management and the constant supervision of qualified personnel.
At Dynamo Camp The entertainment is therefore assured, between theatrical performances, art workshops with the participation of renowned contemporary artists – Dynamo Art Factory – Music, Radio recordings – Radio dynamo-photography and video – Dynamo Studios – School of Circus, horseback riding, camping in the Dynamo oasis, activities in the pool, climbing and many other surprises, variables also session in session.
The philosophy is to have the necessary medical component always present and able to intervene promptly but discreetly: for this purpose also the infirmary, the ' Club Med ', is a cheerful and colourful environment. All this allows participants to enjoy an unforgettable experience of recreation in total serenity and safety.
Inside the Camp there is a fully equipped infirmary where professional doctors and nurses directly manage routine procedures.

The summer sessions that our children have had access to usually go from June to August, formal inscriptions open in October and close in March, the selected families have a response between April and May. From the moment to the confirmation until the arrival at the Camp, a series of calls follow each other to accompany the parents in the path of the recreational therapy.

Each session sees the participation of about 90 children and teenagers identified with the following criteria (fairly rigid):

· Aged 6 to 17 years
· Patients with Onco-hematologic diseases (solid and non-malignant tumors, thrombocytopenia, anemia, sickle cell, thalassemia and haemophilia)
· Patients with chronic inflammatory bowel diseases (Chron's disease, ulcerative colitis etc)
· Patients with rheumatologic diseases (Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis etc)
· Patients with spina bifida, selected cases of Diplegia and hemiplegia (maximum limit 12 cases per session)
· Ability to speak and understand the Italian language
· Medical condition sufficiently good to allow participation in camp activities
· No Severe neutropenia (< 500="" neutrofili/µl)="" o="" piastrinopenia="">< 20.000/µL)></ 20.000/µL)>
· Patients with central venous catheter and patients in therapy are not excluded
· Absence of epileptic seizures for at least one year
· Absence of autistic traits or autism spectrum disorders
· Explicit consent of both parents or their parental responsibility

And from this year open doors also to small emiplegic patients!

Requests for participation are assessed and accepted directly by the medical Director of the centre, so the same request does not represent a guarantee of participation.

The stay is completely free, the estimated value of one week at the camp is about €2,000 per child, families will only have to accompany the children/boys to the camp and to pick them up; The children will have a first unforgettable experience in autonomy and without contact with the family, it is the care of the educators to inform parents daily about the progress of the holiday.

We are very happy that we have succeeded in guaranteeing this possibility to the families of FightTheStroke, so much so that we ourselves have applied for the selection of Mario At the August session.

We have selected and today we can say that it was an enriching experience of our journey, both in the autonomies of Mario That in recovering our parenting spaces, with the tranquility of knowing that he was serene, to have fun and anyway protected from the medical point of view.