' Changemakers are people who can see the patterns around them, identify the problems in any situation, figure out ways to solve the problem, organize fluid teams, lead collective action and then continually adapt as situations change.
... To form and lead a community of communities, the changemaker needs to possess what Bill Drayton calls "cognitive empathy-based living for the good of all." Cognitive empathy is the ability to perceive how people are feeling in evolving circumstances. "For The good of all" is the capacity to build teams.
It doesn't matter if you are working in the cafeteria or the inspection line of a plant, companies will now only hire people who can see problems and organize responses. '

Excerpt from David Brooks ' interview with Bill Drayton, founder of Ashoka, the world's largest network of social entrepreneurs: Https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/08/opinion/changemaker-social-entrepreneur.html

It is from this sentence that the initiative promoted by FightTheStroke Within the next Milan Digital Week: From the desire to teach young people the social skills, to give back the reception received to the civil society of Milan, to thank the TED world that so much inspired our mission, and to make our values alive, linked to science, Design and technology .

Sunday 18/3/2018 We invite you to participate in two free workshops organized at the Microsoft House:


The course studied ad hoc for the needs of the association " FightTheStroke "It will be played in 2 hours and addressed to an audience of small designers, with the expert conduction of Alessandro Bonaccorsi, promoter of the first course of ugly drawing in the world, because there is no interest in drawing as an act to judge.

The workshop will be held through Phase 1 of the course of ugly design, that of the return to childhood, in which we face drawings automatic, abstract, drawing lines and questioning that what we draw must necessarily be what we see; It will then introduce a second phase of design of the invisible, from the cells to the shape of the heart, from the neural nets to the cobwebs and other exercises up to the drawing of the wolf (allowing access to a symbolic and unrealistic world) and the photo Group final with masks (à la Saul Steinberg).

During the course will be used digital tools to illustrate the best explanation.


And do you also think that diversity and inclusion are the premise of creativity and innovation, if you want to learn more about the most famous TED online conference platform and inspire you to the main international speakers, this is your workshop!

Francesca Fedeli And Roberto D'Angelo , TED speaker and founders of FightTheStroke . org, together with the expert leadership of Gabriela Alvarez, TED-Ed Regional Leader for Italy with an Advisory Role, will accompany you in a free Public Speaking Workshop on how technology can help us draw a world that is more accessible to everyone, Regardless of gender diversity, race or skill.

Through this workshop the boys will participate in an intense session of brainstorming that will allow them to identify their ideas about this theme, then proceed to build a very short speech to share with others Participants during the workshop: all following the techniques of "Public Speaking" used by the "speakers" who climb on the prestigious stage of events TED. At the end of the workshop a certificate of participation in a TED-Ed course is foreseen.

We are waiting for you, young changemakers!

Milan, 1/3/2018