First of all I sincerely thank Francesca for encouraging me to share my story with you.

It was not easy for me to tell her my story and it is not today write it, because when you put black on white something remains written, at least within me this happens, as if I had used a permanent marker.

Mine is a story of courage and sorrow, that of my parents when they discovered my problem, but of courage, struggle and hope if I look at the goals achieved today.

My birth was apparently normal, a little ' concited because I was about to choke but in a few seconds the skillful obstetrician pulls me out. After a few days however there is notice that something is wrong, I was big 3.5 Kg, round face and rosé, but I did not attack and I always cried. The checks prepared give a difficult result, hemiparesi right, there is immediately an important impact on the left eye, the mandibular apparatus completely Z, the left leg crooked. All of this happened 48 years ago, and as you can imagine, there were no diagnostic tools available today.

Begins my history of rehabilitation for the eye strabico, or lazy as the professors called it, for the foot in a rehabilitation center for disabled until the age of 11 years, and especially for the mandibular apparatus the most complicated to fix, so many Apparatus and several surgeries allowed me to eat normally avoiding the most complex bone intervention.

In all this path I had a great gift, a bigger sister, she was my mirror, for many years I wanted to copy everything she did and this was my first luck. We lived in a house on the third floor without elevator, and this forced me to learn to make the stairs, the first few times I fell at the first steps, but then slowly I learned: Here is the second great fortune. For years at night I had the nightmare of falling down the stairs!!!

The third fortune, but first in order of importance, were my parents; They never surrendered, they never lost hope, they always encouraged and supported me in every step and choice of life! They taught me to look ahead and face life as a challenge and a conquest day after day, but for every failure, fall, difficulty, they taught me to look back, to rejoice in the path I had made and to have self-esteem. This was very important for me, because the children are cruel in their sincerity and they avoided me because I was ugly with those double goggles and all the needles in the mouth. That's how it was up to averages about.

I had to manage a great anger, I did not understand why all this had to happen to me, because I could not be like the other children, because I could not do everything they did..... because for me everything was a huge effort....

Then slowly my perspective has changed completely, I realized I had a gift to exploit to gain self-esteem and overcome my daily challenges, basically I had nothing to lose but everything to gain. I learned to use anger as a positive energy and I learned to manage my body and my problems (which I still have to manage today).

And from that moment on my life changed completely, I finished school, I chose the work that I was passionate about and I got it. I never told my problems at work and no one ever took notice.

I struggled for every small and big step of my life, and today I thank all those who have been next to me in time because if today I can live a life like the others, it is mainly thanks to them.  I have not been able to have children, but I learned to swim, to run, to ski, my learning curve is certainly much higher than a normal person, but I can always have fun. Today thanks to Francesca and Fightthestoke I also won the shame and the fear, which I have had inside for many years, to be "different" from others and I managed to tell my story.

A history of initial sufferings, but also of courage, and today more than ever of great happiness: because if I managed to overcome all this means that there is a hope for all children who have had a stroke or a hemiparesis to overcome the most difficult phases and Riu To stabilize a situation that allows us to truly rejoice in this life.

Forty eight years later I can say that I have made the motto never give up, never surrender and always go forward in the conquest of small and great successes of life!!!       


A thank you from the whole community of FightTheStroke To Claudia Angelelli who sent us this testimony and who supports us from the beginning of this adventure. October 2016