Milan, 25 May 2018– At 75 ° Open D ´ Italia, families will also be protagonists. The Family space in Soiano del Lago will be set up with various entertainments including the Superabili area, managed by Maestro Nicola Maestroni. 

In this area, Saturday, June 2 from 11.00 to 13.00 will be hosted children Dell ´ Association FightTheStroke , which protects young survivors all ´ stroke. 

The free trial was organized by Maestro Anna Diletta Daffan, specializing in junior coaching and close to the mission of FightTheStroke And children who have developed a hemiparesis.

It has been proved that sports with Mace are able to enhance the functionality of the upper limb, with particular regard to the abilities of prension, flexing-extension of the wrist and elbow and movements of the Scapular Girle. And that in relation to the particular posture required during the game, sporting disciplines such as Golf can exert a beneficial effect on the ability to maintain balance in upright posture. 

If in the practice of Golf it is important to start training very early, it becomes all the more relevant for children who, due to special needs, need adequate facilities and professionals on the territory. Memorable the experience abroad of Tommy Morrissey who was born with only one arm, but this has not prevented him to devote himself successfully to the sport he loves and to develop an amazing hand-eye coordination thanks to the Golf. New compensatory strategies in the field also for 20 families of FightTheStroke , who responded many and enthusiastically to this innovation brought to Italy by Maestro Anna Diletta Daffan.

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Francesca Fedeli And Roberto D'Angelo are the co-founders of FightTheStroke Org A movement that supports since 2011 the cause of the young survivors of the stroke, as their small Mario . Early diagnosis of perinatal stroke and new rehabilitative techniques based on the concept of Mirror Neurons And the application of technology to medicine (Www. Mirrorable . org), represent only some of the battles carried out by the association, which continues to make its history known through world-wide resonance events such as the TED Global (2013) and the World Business Forum (2015). In October 2013, the association joined the Board of Directors of the international Alliance for Pediatric Stroke, and was selected as a finalist for numerous local and international awards, including the Eisenhower Fellowship (USA, 2014). Authors of the book ' Fight and Smile, a Story of Love and Science ' published in Italy by Sperling & Kupfer, were chosen as the first Italian fellows of the world's largest network of social entrepreneurs Ashoka (2015) and the global Good Fund Fellowship. FightTheStroke is tedmed ambassador for Live events in Italy from 2014. In 2014 he was also the promoter of the first hackathon in medicine in Italy and in 2017 he celebrated the birth of the first Stroke Center for the newborn and the child together with the Gaslini Hospital of Genoa.