# FightTheStroke 2014, we're just beginning.



Read this post because you happened on this page or because you came into contact in 2014 with the' Association FightTheStroke . org or with its founders Francesca Fedeli , Mario and Roberto D'Angelo. 

We are pleased to retrace with you the balance of the main activities of the association: from June 2013 to today we have reached ca. 830,000 views of TED Video Who told for the first time a history of stroke in childhood; We have talked to more than 15 events around the world, reaching over 5000 people who today know of the existence of this problem; We organized the event Call for Brain In Milan, which allowed us to aggregate more than 300 people among physicians, scientists, patients and innovators, to discuss medicine and technology in an open and collaborative way. 

In September we represented Italy in the United States thanks to theEisenhower Fellowship on Innovation, where we developed our project for neuro-rehabilitation of children suffering from stroke.

Among the communities closer to us, a great pride for the Closed Group of Facebook: 50 families sharing interest in the dissemination of information on hemiplegia, hemiparesis and Infantile stroke.

And then InterviewsA Video ChannelChapter of a nice book And soon a book of our own: because we think that just continuing to talk about it we can raise public awareness to invest in the search for brain damage to children.

If you want to help us in this dissemination work, you can follow us here, subscribing to the newsletter, or follow the global Facebook page @ FightTheStroke and the Twitter account @ FightTheStroke.

Here, all this was possible thanks to you, who together with us have continued to fight and smile: We hope to be able to do something more in 2015, all together. We will not stop.

If you want to support us, you can do this by continuing to promote Our history, reporting other families in need, or through the Our donations page.

Happy Holidays and # FightTheStroke !

Francesca Mario and Roberto




You're reading this post because you stopped by here by chance or you got in touch somehow with FightTheStroke . org Founders Francesca Fedeli , Mario and Roberto D'Angelo.

Starting from June 2013, we reached around 830,000 views of our TED Talk, that first time ever told the story of a pediatric stroke survivor; We spoke at more than 15 events around the world, reaching at least 5000 people that got to know of our global issue; We've been proud Ambassador of Tedmed 2014 and organizers Ancor of Call for Brain, An event that allowed us to regroup around 300 people among doctors, scientists, patients and innovators, talking about open medicine and technology. And Lately this year we won the Eisenhower Fellowship on Innovation, an amazing experience that allowed us to travel around the States working on our project, brochures at preparatory the incidence of brain stroke and finding new applications for physical and cognitive rehabilitation.

Among Our closest communities, we're very glad to have created a Closed Hub for Families on Facebook: 50 families sharing fair knowledge and direct experiences on hemiplegia and Children Stroke.

And Then Interviews, in Video Channel, in Book Contribution And our own book on the go: because we think that the more we spread our message, the most we raise awareness on the desperate need of research on children brain damages.

We are grateful to people like you for having reached these milestones together, we thank you for having kept on supporting us for fighting and smiling: We believe that this is a global issue and we can reach our goals just together with you. We simply won't stop here.

If you want to take action for our cause, you can keep on following us here, subscribing to the newsletter, on our Global Facebook Page @ FightTheStroke And on this Twitter account @ FightTheStroke.

You can help us just sharing our story with other families in needs or through our Donations page

Best Wishes and # FightTheStroke !

Francesca Mario and Roberto