Those who think they can change the world. Today.

In short, it happened that this year we have become an active and proactive part of a movement and we decided to dedicate the rest of our days to change that piece of world that we knew closely With this story.

And then something happened that allowed us to visit All American children's hospitals, talk to 70 among the best experts in rehabilitative solutions in the world and realize the mission of FightTheStroke . org: We won the Eisenhower Fellowship, a scholarship offered by a non-profit and apolitical American Association that from 1953 has supported more than 2000 ' change actors ' from 100 countries worldwide.

Recalling the name of the general who led the armies of the great democracies who defeated Nazism and fascism and the President of the United States who initiated a bipartisan policy of détente in the Cold War, the Fellowship invites every year about 50 People from various countries of the world, talented, already advanced in their professional course, who demonstrate leadership potential in their countries of origin, allowing them to be guests in the United States for two months and at the same time being able to To carry out a program of study and research absolutely individual, drawn on the specific professional and cultural needs of the Fellow.

A unique opportunity for us, which this year We represented Italy in the first programme dedicated to innovation, picking up the witness of Richard Iaconesi What Italian Fellow 2013 . And not so much for the specific interest of our project, which we will tell you soon, but rather for the opportunity to immerse themselves in a global network, made up of heads of State and Government, General Colin Powell who signs the certificate of end of course, or Just people who think the world can change it today.

And so with us there was Amr Who founded National TalentS Co., One of the main incubators for the teaching of STEM to the young Saudi generations and that has indoctrinated us on adaptive learning, that so much would help the mediation of learning in children with special needs.

Thiago Instead he developed Guiabolso, an online personal finance application that climbed the Itunes charts in a few months, in a country like Brazil where the recent measures of consumer incentives have led to an increasing rate of indebtedness and greater financial responsibility of individuals.

From Brazil there were also Sabine, principal journalist Saint Paul Newspaper, which deals with education, science, innovation, in the search for an effective way to systematize information in these areas; And Mauro, professor of marine biology, who wants to find a sustainable way to transmit the Scientific knowledge To the students of the remotest areas in the Amazon.

Wael He is the founder of Kharabeesh, the main online entertainment network in the Arab world, with over 30m of views per month on the Youtube channel: And it must not be easy to do This kind Political satire from Jordan.

From Jordan Also Frog, a concrete role model of how science-woman-social activism can coexist and successfully: This is its latest project, We Love Reading, winner of accolades all over the world.

John He arrived from Ireland to raise the fortunes of his country towards debt relief, along with Shona That after the experience of City of Culture in Derry 2013, he studied the value of art in breaking down barriers of all kinds.

Rickard And Anu They represented the Nordic countries: the first from Sweden, a couple of technological patents and books to the active, a great interest in the limits of companies to innovate in a constant and productive way; The second from Finland, convinced that learning is the basis of sustainable development and promoting the excellence of the Finnish education system.

Alvaro From Peru, he had just returned from the Rome film Festival where he had withdrawn a prize for his short film 'El Acompanante': You talk to us ten minutes and it floods you with emotions, tells you how thanks to the Fellowship he met David Kelley, participated in the Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas or proposed his reality show to a production company in Los Angeles.

Neighbours of Europe PedroYoung Entrepreneur Serial from Madrid, promoter of the MIT magazine in Latin countries, and Pretty, also from Spain: a knowledge from the time of Ing Direct, and it will have been this common background to make us appreciate even more the qualities of CEO-empathetic woman-in financial industry, so you understand in a glaring way what are really the drivers of growth in Successful companies.

Even with Vlad, from Romania, we have found interests in common: medicine, scientific journalism of inquiry, social activism, not only in words. Editor-in-chief of First Romanian online news portal, as we are obsessed with disclosure in the medical field, which can only be impartial and scientifically flawless.

The stories from India always have a I don't know that fascinating and even here our Fellows were called Arvind, a government's Digital Lead with two billion people and Shridhar, which every day feeds 1.4 million of children through its organization Akshaya Patra.

Mark He is a successful entrepreneur in Taiwan, and it is true for him that sentence of Bill Drayton, founder of Ashoka, who says «Social entrepreneurs are not content to give a fish or teach to fish. They will not stop until they have revolutionized the fishing industry '. Here, Mark has put himself in his head to discover the potential of the microbial flora of our intestines to treat chronic and autoimmune diseases.

Harsha He is also a serial entrepreneur, started with a successful company at 19 years and today wants to give back the experience he has accumulated, creating a platform in Sri Lanka that helps the development of Social Entrepreneurs Local.

Kathy She arrived from Australia, with a solid background in the management of non-profits, in search of new rating modalities and objective valuation criteria in an area that still lives in discretionary access to finance.

AND William, English but from New Zealand, after the devastating earthquake of 2011 has gathered all the resources to set up EPIC, a collaborative environment of new business in technology, and in its vision the global expansion does not see limits or barriers Geographical.

Here, call them fools, Misfits or rebels, but they could be tomorrow's future leaders.

That's why we insisted Mario He knew all these Fellows, because they have already tried to change the world. Today. What better mirror for the new generations?

Happy Holidays to all of you with the Haiku Of Eisenhower Fellows 2014 on Innovation:


This post was written on December 24, 2014 thinking about George Ungania, how it changed our world and how it will continue to change it from up there.

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