Join with the design of your hemikid at the competition ' at Christmas every design is worth ', from 25/12/2017 to 7/1/2018: Together you can help the search and win the real representation of your artifact

The drawing of the human figure is a projective test in which the child unconsciously represents himself, and it is through this exercise that we want to evaluate how the body self-representation and the representation of a child of the same age (in addition to Representation of the Companion of Mirrorable For those children who have participated in the pilot project, they can be influenced by the neurological context. In particular, it is of considerable scientific interest to be able to assess the possible presence of representative asymmetries to be correlated with the involvement of the hemisphere involved by lesions at a very early age.

For this reason Until 7 January 2018, the Association FightTheStroke It promotes a drawing contest aimed at all children with Hemiindromes: free rein to the imagination during the Christmas holidays, there is no definition of right or wrong, beautiful or ugly in the artistic expression, let your children free of Better express the representation of oneself and their best friend!


The competition is free access and open to all children with hemiindrome at birth or acquired, from 0 to 14 years, residents both in Italy and abroad.

We ask you to produce these designs:

1) A full-length self-portrait (' Draw Yourself ')

2) A portrait of the best friend full length (' Draw your best friend ')

3) A video companion portrait of Mirrorable (' Draw your video buddy ') – only for children who have participated in the pilot project Www. Mirrorable . org.

The drawings must be made in the order shown above, each on a white A4 sheet, with pencil, pen or black marker – paying attention to the spontaneity of the artifact: simply ask the child to make a drawing, in a moment of Tranquility during the holidays, without any other information related to the research context.

To participate in the contest you need to answer this short questionnaire and upload the photographed/scanned drawings on this online platform: https:// FightTheStroke . org/Contest-Drawing

The competition is valid from 25/12/2017 to 7/1/2018: Among all the works received in the terms and according to the required modalities will be selected No. 3 designs that will receive their artifact printed on a T-shirt. All received drawings will be published on an online virtual exhibition.

The drawings will be selected according to a criterion of subjective ' beauty ', by a jury composed of a neuroscientist, a psychologist, a representative of the association FightTheStroke .

The competition is sponsored by the Association FightTheStroke With the support of the CNR Neurosciences – University of Parma.

References: -Body knowledge in brain-damaged children: a double-dissociation in self and other's body processing.

Frassinetti F1, Fiori S, D'Angelo V, Magnani B, Guzzetta A, Brizzolara D, Cioni G.

Milan, 23/12/2017