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The representation of the human figure in the first drawing contest for young people with Hemiindrome in Italy: Here are the winners:-)

In December 2017 the association FightTheStroke He promoted a drawing contest aimed at all children with Hemiindrome (https://en. FightTheStroke . org/Blogita/22/12/2017/A-Christmas-every-drawing-vale): Free rein to the imagination during the Christmas holidays, and will to understand how the body self-representation and the representation of a child coetaneous (in addition to the representation of the companion Mirrorable For those children who participated in the pilot project, they could be influenced by the neurological context.

Few studies in this regard but important the prospective value that such a survey can have, not only in the clinical context but also in the educational context of learning ( -Body knowledge in brain-damaged children: a double-dissociation in self and other's body processing. Frassinetti F1, Fiori S, D'Angelo V, Magnani B, Guzzetta A, Brizzolara D, Cioni G.). The results collected by this first survey will be elaborated in the coming months with the support of the CNR neurosciences – Università di Parma.

But we wanted to reward the winners who have waited so long to be able to receive their prize: a T-shirt with the representation of their work, which will soon receive at home!

·      Anna, winner in the category ' Self-portrait '-motivation: because it is worthy of a character from the films of Tim Burton

·      Eduardo, winner in the category ' Friend ' – motivation: Why would anyone who wouldn't want a better colored friend overstayed by a computer?

·      Tito and Enea Equal, winners in the category ' Mirrorable ' – motivation: Why did they best represent the spirit of Mirrorable , with the video companion on the Cloud and the joystick-shaped hands

Thanks to the many families who have decided to join this project and who will find their works exhibited in this virtual exhibition.

All designs are available here: https://en. FightTheStroke . org/Ftscontest

Milan 20/2/2018