Step by step, towards a great 2016


FightTheStroke has not yet fulfilled the two years of associative life but we are pleased to celebrate with you the first stages of development reached, step by step.

Having known the world TED It represented for us a moment of profound change, and that is why we continue to thank this community: our TED Talk It exceeded the 950,000 views on the TED platform alone and in 2015 we participated with Mario At least 10 TED and TEDx events on the territory, told an update of our projects to the Tedxbergamo And we were still ambassadors of the TEDMED In Italy, the event dedicated to innovation and medicine.

This year we were also tested with a Book, an operation of narrative medicine and inspiration for other families as well; Still an opportunity to raise money and to talk about the problem of stroke in young age, both on Average (over 200 mentions) participating in over 100 EventThe Sector, in Italy and abroad. From medical conferences to World Business Forum, we have not missed the opportunity to promote our cause and live test our ideas.

Consistent with our Mission, to continue to fight for the young survivors of stroke and their families, we have consolidated the Closed Parents Group on Facebook, a platform for help and co-creation for those who, like us, could not find answers elsewhere: Together with other 400 parents in Italy and in network with the World Trade Associations, we organized the first Meeting of Italian families; Celebrated the World Stroke Day; Drawn Information materials For new families and a first census of medical rehabilitation facilities in Italy; Including the category of small emiplegics in a large summer Camp and helped the early diagnosis of some children. A mission unthinkable to reach in such a short time, had we been alone, but from this year with us were the families of # FightTheStroke . 

It goes to them, to us, the first thank you.

With the summer came the recognition of theAshoka Fellowship, who believed in the scientific value and innovation of our rehabilitation model 'Mirrorable': Thanks to the support of two Global hackathon in Microsoft US and recognition of the Ability Award for Community Service, we have now arrived at the second prototype of this platform and in the second half of 2015 we started the long process of fundraising to complete its development and distribution.  

In 2016 we will continue to focus our efforts on two fronts: the development of the model of Social enterprise Tied to Mirrorable and activities of Advocacy Related to' Association. Also this year, thanks to the Workshop on good health, Design and Sport, within the Call for Brain event, we have developed new design ideas which we will give you updates soon. Had happened so too for Mirrorable , the result of a shared idea in 2014.

A thank you to the Committee of Scientific editors That supports us in our initiatives, to the small and large Donors Who remember us even when we promote Operations that make you smile, and the Corporate Donors that are accompanying us in the design challenges: there are many Companies That today we recognize a brought of innovation and shared values more than charity; And those that at Christmas celebrations preferred to accompany support to FightTheStroke : Thanks Friends of We Are Social Italy and to Netwraps.

Keep following us, Read our Blog, and the pages of FacebookTwitterLinkedin, ask information, talk about us with your colleagues and family: Let's start now to walk and we need all your Support.

Step by step, towards a 2016 of successes. Together.
Francesca Mario , Roberto for # FightTheStroke

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FightTheStroke was born in mid-2014, so is still a young toddler, but we'd like to share with you our early stages of development, step by step.

Having met up with the TED Community has definitely been a life changing experience for us, something to be grateful for: our TED Talk Reached more than 950,000 views on TED platform and, together with Mario , in 2015 we attended at least 10 TED and TEDx events, we told how we moved forward from ideas to actions at Tedxbergamo And we've been TEDMED Ambassadors for the second year in a row.

In 2015 we also decided to publish To Book, a ' narrative medicine ' trial and a way to inspire also other families; A chance to fundraise and to spread knowledge on stroke at a young age, both on Average (more than 200 mentions) and during more than 100 Live Events In Italy and abroad. From Medical Conferences to World Business Forum, we haven't lost one single chance to promote our cause and to direct test our solutions.

Consistently with our Mission, we enlarged our community on a Closed Group on Facebook, able to support and to co-create with those parents, like us, with unanswered questions: together with other 400 parents in Italy and connected with theInternational Alliance for Pediatric Stroke, we organized the First Italian Meeting of hemikids and their families; We celebratedWorld Stroke Day; We contributed to write down Informational Brochures For new parents and a list of most popular centers for assessment and clinical management of our kids; We made possible for our hemikids to get into a Summer Camp and supported the early diagnosis and intervention for some of our families. Something inconceivable in such a limited period of time if we were alone, but since this year we've been united for pediatric stroke with our families.

Our Crohn goes first of all to them, to us.

In the second half of this year we celebrated the Ashoka Fellowship, thanks to the scientific and innovation value of our rehab platform, Mirrorable: During two Global hackathons in Microsoft US and having been awarded with the Ability Prize for Community Service, today we reached the second prototype of our toolkit and we just started the long path for fundraising and completing the development of our solution.

In 2016 we'll keep on focusing our efforts on two different streams: the development of a Social enterprise Linked to Mirrorable and Advocacy Activities linked to the Association. This year too, thanks to focused Workshops on Healthcare, Design and Sport, during Call for Brain event, we developed new ideas we'll report upon ASAP. It happened the same for Mirrorable , an idea born during Call for Brain in 2014.

We want to thank the Scientific advisors Always available to support our initiatives; Those small and big Donors In our network, always supportive even when we promote activities that make them smile; Those Corporate Donors Being with us on many shared values projects; And for this Xmas we're especially grateful to We are Social Italy and Netwraps.

Please, keep on following us on Our blog or on FacebookTwitterLinkedin, ask us for more information, talk about our cause to your Company, to family and friends: We've started walking now and we need all of your Support.

Step by step, towards a great 2016. Together.
Francesca Mario , Roberto for # FightTheStroke