Ashoka announces the election of Francesca Fedeli As the first Italian Fellow for his project ' Fight The Stroke ', within the ' Making more Health ' programme

Milan, July 15, 2015 – Founded in 1981 by social entrepreneur Bill Drayton, Ashoka has been a trailman in the global sector of social entrepreneurship and today represents the only reality in the world established with the premise that the most effective way to Promoting positive social change is to invest in social entrepreneurs (the Ashoka Fellows), with innovative but equally sustainable and feasible solutions, both nationally and globally.

After having elected over 3000 social entrepreneurs in more than 70 countries worldwide, providing them with subsistence wages, professional support and access to a global network of people who feel the same way, Ashoka also arrives in Italy in 2014, with the appointment of Alessandro Valera as Launch Director: Italy enters very late in the international network of Ashoka for lack of investment in social entrepreneurship and because of the history of the Italian social economy based more on cooperative models that On the resourcefulness and vision of a social innovator.

In just 12 months Ashoka Italia has been able to catalyze around its target thousands of contacts, from the February launch event in Milan, to the Italian mapping of social innovators, to the visits in the projects of social enterprise on the territory, until the Selection of the first Fellow italiano , Francesca Fedeli , which joins the large array of global fellows, including the Nobel Peace Prize 2014 Kailash Satyarthi, an Indian activist who fights for children's rights. Thanks to Francesca's selection, Ashoka today concludes her phase of "launching" to start to all intents and purposes to operate in Italy.

Francesca has a fifteen-year experience in marketing, communication and corporate social responsibility. After a degree in agricultural economics and a Masters in Economics and international trade, he worked in various business sectors, dealing with consumer goods, financial services and online banking services. After the birth of her son, and after the success of her TED Talk ("In our baby's illness, a life lesson"), she became a social activist, committed to the project FightTheStroke . org to assert the rights of young survivors to stroke, as her little Mario . Francesca is the first promoter of Open medicine in Italy and active with several associations in defense of patients, is Eisenhower Fellow on Innovation from 2014, and founder of various initiatives including the first hackathon on medicine in Italy. Its goal is to broaden the association FightTheStroke . org, transforming it from an awareness organization, to a multiplatform social enterprise, thanks to technology and translational medicine, to better support the victims of stroke, so that they can live well and make progress towards the Shooting.

Over the years, Francesca has proven herself to be an internationally thought leader, who has left her mark on childhood stroke debates, social activism for health-related causes, child welfare, and crowdsourcing solutions and Co-creation in the medical field. Recently Francesca has strengthened her position as a global thinking leader following the publication of a book entitled ' Fight and Smile – a Story of love and Science '.

From the words of Alessandro Valera: ' The nomination of Francesca Fedeli As the first Italian Fellow he plays an even more important role in the light of the path that has characterized him: we began to know Francesca during her stay of American studies in 2014 and since then with her project has exceeded the different stages of Selection, where it has been shown to respond to

Our criteria of innovativity, creativity, entrepreneurial quality, social impact and ethical thickness.
Today Francesca represents a role model of female social entrepreneurship for Italy, where the desire to overcome a personal problem has turned into a system change activator rather than a simple social protest. We hope that its role will also open a productive debate with public and private institutions, so that all barriers for social entrepreneurship in Italy are removed. '.

Francesca will be included in the ' Making more Health ' programme, promoted globally by Ashoka and the pharmaceutical group Boehringer Ingelheim from 2010 onwards: The first concrete example of how the third sector and private sector can be allied to achieve an impact Large scale and long-term objectives. By Making more health, more than 50 social entrepreneurs, active in the field of health, have been selected and trained through the active collaboration of the pharmaceutical company's staff on four continents.

Ashoka Italia and Boehringer Ingelheim will be pleased to present Francesca Fedeli and the project FightTheStroke The 2/10/2015 in Milan, together with 4 other Fellows of Italian nationality selected over the years by other offices in the world: a fundamental step for the continuous dialogue between social innovators, companies, activists, students and communicators.



Ashoka is the global Association of Social innovators, men and women who are creators of projects able to change the world, finding solutions to the most urgent social problems. Since 1981, we have elected almost 3000 social entrepreneurs like Ashoka Fellows, providing them with subsistence wages, professional support and access to a global network of people who feel the same way in over 70 countries. From June 2014, Ashoka also began operations in Italy, as part of the European Community of Ashoka, to create a movement around social entrepreneurs and develop a strong ecosystem of alliances, awareness and support to foster social innovation. To represent it in Italy the director Alessandro Valera.


Making More Health (MMH) is a global program co-created by Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals and Ashoka that combines social and business values to discover innovative and effective methodologies to improve everyone's health globally. With MMH, Boehringer Ingelheim and Ashoka want to achieve an ambitious mission, explore the intersection between social entrepreneurship, continuing education of business employees and new models of prevention and health, in order to identify, support and Replicate the best solutions to global health challenges.

Boehringer Ingelheim and Ashoka believe that a different approach to problem-solving is necessary to help the four billion citizens of the world who have no access to health, but to respond to new needs that are still unresolved. It is a new approach of collaboration between NGOs, companies and governments that goes beyond simple funding, leveraging on the different perspectives, methodologies and competences of each of the partners, to create solutions with the potential to revolutionize whole Systems.

The program started in 2010 and has already selected 11 Asian social entrepreneurs, 8 Africans, 24 Europeans, 10 North Americans and 11 Latin Americans.


FightTheStroke . org is a movement that supports the cause of young stroke survivors since 2011. Early diagnosis of perinatal stroke and new rehabilitative techniques based on the concept of Mirror Neurons And on the application of technology to medicine, they represent only some of the battles carried out by the association, which continues to make known its history through world-wide resonance events such as the TED Global (2013) and the World Business Forum (2015). In October 2013, the association joined the Board of Directors of the international Alliance for Pediatric Stroke, and was selected as a finalist in numerous local and international awards, including the Eisenhower Fellowship (USA, September 2014). FightTheStroke He is tedmed ambassador for the 2014-2015 Live event and promoter of the first hackathon in medicine in Italy. The story of FightTheStroke Is told in the Book of Francesca Fedeli ' Fight and Smile ', published by Sperling & Kupfer. Francesca Fedeli , in the role of founder and President of FightTheStroke . org, was elected Ashoka Fellow in June 2015.