Mirrorable , watching you learn and you re-enable: you want to try it too?

The strange thing is that when we first talked about Mirror Neurons To TED We had already in mind Mirrorable , the video-rehabilitation platform that could help and connect all the children in the world. And since then little has changed, we have added some product features, integrated technologies, expanded target patients to achieve, but the concept of product has remained sharp and centered as then.

Today MIRRORABLE It has become a reality, it is an interactive platform designed for children with motor disabilities resulting from lesions of the central nervous system. The scientific principle on which it is based is the ability to stimulate motor learning by activating the mechanism of Mirror Neurons Through the observation of video-stories, imitation and online interaction with other children with similar needs.

And so, beyond the existing clinical validations, we have taken the trouble to evaluate on the field the efficacy of our idea and In December 2016 a pilot project was launched in collaboration with the Institute of Neuroscience of the CNR of Parma, already known worldwide for the discovery of Mirror Neurons . 

Mirrorable Today it exists thanks to the conception and promotion of the Association FightTheStroke . org, but also thanks to the partners who financed the project development.

The use of the platform, according to the guidelines indicated in the toolkit in delivery to families, is understood as integrative and not substitute of the rehabilitation project in progress and has as objective The promotion of upper limb motricity in children over 5 years of age, through the enhancement of imitative competences with the involvement of Mirror Neurons , the interaction with other peers in a playful way, the daily practice in the home environment.

To participate in the project, you will need to respond to a preliminary suitability assessment, a simple online questionnaire, and return the information to the data processing compiled and signed. Following these first information, the families deemed eligible will be recalled to participate in successive evaluations on Milan.

To request the questionnaire and inclusion in the project, please write to this email: mirrorablepilot @ FightTheStroke Org.

If you also know a child between the ages of 5 and 13, with difficulty in asymmetrical or unilateral movement of the upper extremity, due to brain damage, it signals to his parents the project Mirrorable : Because an accident at birth can follow a better future, without discrimination. 

# FightTheStroke , last updated June 2017

Il progetto Mirrorable è stato reso possibile anche grazie al contributo di  Fondazione Vodafone Italia

The project Mirrorable It was also made possible thanks to the contribution of Vodafone Italy Foundation