Curated by Valentina, Mavi's mother, who joined the project to enable her family ' Mirrorable ' developed together with the group of neuroscientists of the CNR of Parma

I don't see my daughter's deficit, Maria Vittoria, I don't really see it. I know he needs help, and I know we have therapies. But I don't see him anymore. is avoidance? Has it improved to such an extent that you don't really see it? It is because it is part of her and our child is so, like Nemo, how who has glasses, like who has a few more pounds? I don't know. I don't know why I don't see him.

But he doesn't see it, or rather, neither did she. Because in our daily lives there is not, does not bring special implications and impediments, some help with shoes... Or to remove/put the dress to the barbie... Even therapies, stretching or tapes are part of us to such an extent that they are our normality. 

Then comes Mirrorable And Mavi sees it, in front of him, in the screen... Wow! That's her!!!!!!

She sees it in her and sees it in her video buddy Giulio, and asks me "Why is the little hand so?".

The mental representation of itself begins to change itself, it integrates the image of sequential movements and its fatigue. Some smiles but also a lot of surprise and awareness. Mavi discovers herself for the first time.

The project is for me definable "touching", touches the heart, if there is a heart to mirror, it touches that too! The commitment of Francesca and Roberto, of the neurologist is moving Arturo And the families involved in the group. It is moving to look forward in projects that will be the future for our children and are also already present. It is touching because it touches the silent and wounded underwear of the minds of our children.

We have had difficulties in managing emotions, his, of frustration and self-discovery, of a bodily self, of my emotions, from mom in performance anxiety. A lethal mix for serenity.

Luckily Francesca came to our rescue, she downsized my fears and I Mavi's.

"Mirror Accademy", on the wave of Regal Accademy, a "female" cartoon, has become our Night Academy of Magic.

and the Mirror Neurons They were our playmates! 

If the children are "mirrored", even the parents do... And having you with us is an enrichment, a help, a support, a hope.

Heartfelt thanks (mirrored)


Milan, May 2017 – testimony collected by a family participating in the pilot project Mirrorable . For more information about the project: Www. Mirrorable . org