Ideas for Christmas gifts.... out of the norm. Curated by Paolo Mereghetti, founder of playability

Curated by Paolo Mereghetti, founder of playability

Thanks to FightTheStroke For hospitality on your blog. We met now 3 years ago, when we became parents we found ourselves confronted with disability in children. Catapulted into a new world, where we realize how everything around us is designed and structured to meet medium skills: from architecture and transport, to objects of everyday life until you get to toys.

From the beginning we clazed with the problem of finding games suitable for our family. Often toys and books that were given to us became objects of frustration because they could not be used independently or with pleasure. So we found ourselves having to make changes to the games too often: from adding spacers between the pages of the books to allow them to read to create sensory objects or ad hoc games with different materials. Dissatisfied but stubborn, we started to look for toys with characteristics that we think are fundamental: ergonomics, versatility, quality of materials, resistance, colours and, not least, design (functional and aesthetic).

The enthusiasm to finally find games with these characteristics, along with various changes in work, led us to found playability, a portal of games suitable or adaptable to the different abilities of each child. The goal we aim for is to give all children the opportunity to play and have fun, minimizing the frustrations that may arise due to some kind of impediment. The game is the natural activity through which the child is amused and learns to know himself, to relate with others, to adapt to life. We firmly believe that all children are entitled to the game and therefore have to receive the tools to do so in the best way.

In the image above you can find some games particularly suitable for hemikids: books in pre-cut cardboard for a facilitated sfogliability, wooden mazes to test the bimanual coordination and balance, rubber balls Natural and silicone mats with embossed patterns for tactile stimulation of hands and feet. For the fine craftsmanship we have chosen a table with locks and doors to open and close and large fruits to be inserted with a snare. For the creative and art lovers there is the magnetic tablet and the wooden animals to be composed with magnetic parts. The stained glass with two-handed grip are great for having fun coloring everything around you.

If you have been intrigued to find us on The set of games chosen is constantly evolving, thanks to the feedback that comes from other parents and children. We are then constantly looking for designers and innovative startups that create games that represent our philosophy, do not hesitate to report it.

Milan, 13/12/2017