More than 400 people at the event of dissemination and sharing of the great challenges of science, medicine and innovation

Milan, 26 November 2015 – Sold out and over 400 participants in CALL4BRAIN 2015, free and open to the public event entirely dedicated to disseminate and promote the challenges of medicine and science, sectors with a great potential to express because today technological innovation is concretely available for rapid changes . CALL4BRAIN was organized by FightTheStroke . org, Association of Social Promotion founded by Francesca Fedeli and Roberto D'Angelo and that from 2011 supports the cause of the young survivors to stroke as their little Mario .


CALL4BRAIN It has brought the public's attention to medicine and science from numerous points of view, on the pathways of Diagnostics and research, on health procedures and their innovation. All in a constructive, sharing, dissemination and contamination context that has fostered the flow of medical and scientific points of view along with ideas, positions and personal experiences, making the concept of ' health ' as a business All '.


Numerous interventions by prominent personalities of civil and scientific Society: from the video-message of the opening of Alex Zanardi, who recalled how he himself owes life to research done in the medical and technological field, until the closing greeting of Don Luca Bressan, Episcopal vicar of the Ambrosian diocese for Culture and social action.


' We have shown how it is possible to make an event on the great challenges of medicine and science, seemingly specialised sectors, a public success. Putting under the same roof doctors, scientists, patients, innovators, makers, developers, students has generated energy and contamination that we hope will inspire everyone to work concretely for a ' healthier ' world, as we try to do every day with Our organization ', Comment Francesca Fedeli , founder of Fighthestroke.



Tedmed's Talk

Presented in preview for Italy and slightly delayed compared to the American tedmed-ongoing in California-the talks selected by the organizers have touched on very different topics, all of them very topical. There has been talk of genetic rebellion thanks to the opening speech of Anne Wojcicki, co-founder of the company of ' personal genomics ' 23andme; Of the brain and how to maximize its potential; How to treat addiction through meditation; of art made available to an effective pro-vaccine campaign; of innovation from the bottom led by nurse-makers; of empathy and positive emotions from anti-inflammatory power; of nanotechnologies, personalized medicine and patient empowerment.

The cues launched by the Talk have fueled many interventions in the open discussion sessions. Doctors, psychologists, students, researchers, entrepreneurs, people with experiences and points of view to tell: each has contributed in a equal and ' democratic ' way, irrespective of its specific competence in this field, generating Comparisons of great interest. A choral opportunity to reflect on how innovation can and must redesign the concepts of health, medicine, health care.

The workshops

In the course of the day, there were also 3 workshops focused on specific innovation projects, whose works have given substance to the day's cues and which represent the starting point of a series of deepening activities that will go Forward until the next appointment of Call4Brain 2016.


  • Sport and movement useful to not get to cure. He worked on the topics of the useful movement, the enabling movement, the safe movement, but also the movement as a pleasure, as a cure, as a challenge. He questioned how to build a healthier relationship with movement and sport and then analyse the influence and conditionings of technology in sport, a new phenomenon to be understood and to ' govern '.


  • The manifesto of good health care. He analyzed some of the most important aspects of health care, including the way of delivering services and a more contemporary physician-patient relationship. It compared the progress of the diagnostics compared to the slower ones of the therapeutics. He then worked on the effects of the devices that monitor patients, on newly conceived and alternative care sites to hospitals, on the hypothesis of new methods of payment of health, which also take into account the efficacy of the treatment. 


  • Designability for small patients. Designing in an inclusive way, in order to affect any type of child without generating differences and disparity was the basic concept of the work of the group, which has developed hypotheses of everyday life objects that can also be occasions of Rehabilitation and growth. are born ideas for objects with enhanced symmetry, for games that are at the same time monitoring tools, for the redefinition of packaging top down of foods that are part of the everyday life of children.




The next edition of Call4Brain will take place in Milan on the occasion of Tedmed 2016 scheduled from 30 November to 2 December.

The initiative was supported by the support of these partners:

Cisco, Doxapharma, Fondazione Cariplo, Filarete Foundation, Vodafone Foundation, Iconsulting, Samsung, Vibram.

And with the collaboration of: Ashoka, Cesim, Frog, Healthware, Imageware, Polihub, Startup Revolutionary Road.

TEDMED is a world famous event that brings together a global community of medical industry leaders and new technologies and ' curious thinkers '

FightTheStroke - Francesca Fedeli And Roberto D'Angelo are the co-founders of FightTheStroke . org, a movement that supports since 2011 the cause of the young survivors of the stroke, as their small Mario . Early diagnosis of perinatal stroke and new rehabilitative techniques based on the concept of Mirror Neurons And on the application of technology to medicine, they represent only some of the battles carried out by the association, which continues to make known its history through world-wide resonance events such as the TED Global (2013) and the World Business Forum (2015). In October 2013, the association joined the Board of Directors of the international Alliance for Pediatric Stroke, and was selected as a finalist in numerous local and international awards, including the Eisenhower Fellowship (USA, September 2014). Francesca Fedeli She is the author of the book ' Struggle and Smiles, a story of Love and Science ' published by Sperling & Kupfer and she was elected first Italian Fellow of Ashoka in June 2015. FightTheStroke is tedmed ambassador for the 2015 Live event. In 2014 he was also promoter of the first hackathon in medicine in Italy.

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Posted on 26/11/2015