Life After Stroke: Noemi

Here I am to tell how has changed our life to 5 years from the stroke of Noemi, past the initial phase where the world seems to collapse on you follows the period as I define the change, a very different way to live.

What I had lived up to that time no longer had the same meaning, family life has changed drastically to cope with the new commitments of which until that day we were unaware of the existence (Physiopedia, speech therapy, control visits, EEG etc, etc.) At the beginning it is hard but by the time we have learned to organize ourselves achieving almost perfect operation!

And then there is Riccardo the elder brother of Noemi (13 years), today I notice that we probably put him in the background, in short, live for 8 years as a single child with all the pros that involves and then suddenly find themselves no longer the exclusive center of the No The attentions must not have been simple, I do not deny having many difficulties in managing it also considered the critical age of adolescence but also since that day has changed, the real change has taken place within each of us, it is as if the emotions were Amplified by returning a new aspect to everything that happens around, so today we give more value to our affections and less to material things.

Social life has improved a lot, we have known wonderful people that otherwise we would not have known and even dismissed people we thought to be different but that have proven superficial and unnecessary, the working life certainly does not allow us to Dedicate ourselves as we would like to Noemi but fortunately at work have been understandable leaving us autonomy in managing the hours to devote to his weekly commitments.

In short, it is undeniable that Noemi has revolutionized our lives but with patience and constancy we have found the winning strategy to live serenely, our motto? Never give up! Never Give up!