Life After Stroke: Leonardo

How did my son's stroke change my life? 

To be or not to be, that is the question...

In Summary: My son's stroke has distorted my mother's way of being.

First of all, I'm a mom plus mom: The Curse of our firstborn has put on me an irrepressable instinct to wind. We have three children now and I would continue, even if it were not that...

I have wondered many times if having felt the terror and horror of losing a child, has unconsciously led me to the desire to have "spare children." The answer is no: I believe that the brethren are an invaluable resource in a family with a disabled child: He will have powerful allies of life and they shall grow better, thanks to him.

I became a less naïve, more concrete, more candid, more ironic and irreverent mother.

I became a more selective mother in social relations; Now I cultivate only those that deserve to be cultivated, because they are fueled by an excellent elective affinity. Everything else is pruned at the root, because it weakens.... Zaaac!

I am now a mother more aware of the risks of life and the fact that life deserves to be lived, always and anyway.

I am now a proud mother of being anxious, who is not afraid to express perplexity in the face of pressapochiste diagnosis or superficial visits, which does not underestimate her ability to observe, which confronts the doctors head-on.

I am a conscious mom and proud to be strong, good, sensible. I don't feel heroic, not almighty, but good, yes... All right!

I am a more courageous, more combative mother; The curse of my son taught me to roar, to express and to argue the disappointment, the anger, the dissatisfaction with a world that is believed so modern and emancipated, but that in reality, below, hatching so much inability to accept and exploit What is different as well as a superb presumption to define standards of perfection and beauty and efficiency.

I am a mother who cooks past of fresh vegetables and rigorously in season, which extracts the juices from the bio-fruits, palm-oil-free, attentive to the consumption of sugars... But then away, tonight we go to McDonald's, because so much we will all die, so you might as well be happy and satisfied.

I am a mother who submits the illnesses of the children to the triage of the emergency room: contact dermatitis to Chissàwhat is a code white, belly ache is a green code, fever, even mild, red alert! 

I am a mother who observes, listens, hears every thrill of breath of her children.

I'm a proud mother.

A happy mom.

A tired, helpless, fragile and even strong mom.

A mother who was once responsible for marketing, passionate about her work, resourceful and creative. 

Now I'm a mom-and-just.

In fact, thinking about it, I'm a therapist mom, psychologist, pedagogist, physiotherapist, pathologist, neuropsychiatrist, driver, passionate about his work, enterprising and creative... And excuse me if it's not enough...