Life After Stroke: Clara

Today I want to share with you the story of my family. Before and after stroke.

I am Brazilian and I moved to Italy in 2004 to study. Here I meet a Canadian boy who grows up in Florence called Carlo Woods. He's 13 years older than me and has 2 daughters since his first marriage. "Sunflower", 26 years old and "Pink", 24 years old. "Rose" has muscular atrophy.

When we got to celebrate the wedding I was 22 years old and I was so stupid that I didn't want to do any genetic testing. I just said: OK, I'm not going to worry about that. I have faith and I know that everything will be fine.

Then I got pregnant, I had a great time, no problem during the 9 months. In 2006 Clara was born, all blond and health. We were so happy.

But we immediately realize that his right hand was always close to the body, which did not move during the night, had difficulty in fluid movements. It was like an unknown silence to everyone, even if we knew the disease of "Rose". And that's why everyone tried to get to the bottom, to know what was wrong, both us in the family and the doctors.

One evening we were at Ikea and saw a child of the same age as Clara, 7 months. At that moment I realized that there was something really wrong.

The doctor called us and on the phone said that our life would be very difficult because Clara has a huge brain damage. I started to cry and she said: You have a good reason to cry because your daughter will not be able to speak, run, understand, she will be like a vegetable.

Wow. Before and after stroke.

From the first moment we accepted his condition and I think this has changed everything for us and for her. And we loved. We loved every little Clara movement, every little victory, every little sound. These two words make a difference: acceptance and love.

We're fighting, too. We are struggling to give you the opportunity to develop, grow, live well. We are very grateful. The doctors were wrong and today Clara can understand 3 languages, run, walk, communicate even if she can not speak. During these years we have done many exercises, always stimulating it to autonomy and independence.

After the blow I cried many times, hoped many times, I fought with God so many times, because as a mother is hard. It's hard to see her difficulties, her desire to make friends but she can't speak, her willingness to do normal things like playing with the ball.

Through the years I have found peace, because I know that God has chosen us to have a diamond like her. Yes, she's a diamond. A precious diamond.

Today Clara is 12 years old, he paints and everyone loves his works. Now she is an artist, and her dream is to have her own show in New York. He has more than 12,000 followers on IG who are motivated to his story, by his smiles, by his paintings. People from all over the world who write to them, to say thanks for what they are giving to the world.

Stroke was a really bad thing that happened to us, but we know that God can change evil in good. Today we live the good with many challenges and we know that Clara will make a difference in this world!