Curated by Stefania, who first with her family joined the project of qualification developed together with the group of neuroscientists of the CNR of Parma

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We welcomed with enthusiasm and interest Federico's participation in the project Mirrorable.

Not that I understood-at least me as a mother-much of what we should have done but ischemia in children is a matter so little treated that we have always made available. Because we believe in innovation, the importance of change and its adaptation.

And then there were Francesca and Roberto to support him and we trusted them especially because they are primarily parents. Like us.

The first time I met Marco, the boy's companion Federico in the project I hoped inside me that they could be together.

I don't know why, maybe they seemed like me... Two boys of the same age about...

The visit with the neurologist was worthy of a TV series such as Greys Anatomy. Finally a doctor who exudes love for his work, who has created a relationship with the child making him always feel at ease. A doctor who puts the patient at the center of his life. You see that it is so and Frederick never understood that it was a doctor.

He is simply the magician, the Chief Wizard of Wizards, but always a magician.

The PC and all the material took him home Roberto. Roberto is a father who never sleeps and who gives soul and body-together with Francesca-to the project. Because he's a parent. Like us. They're amazing.

The project started in December.

There was emotion, curiosity and even anxiety. Anxiety that faith could not live this experience well. I feared for continuity, stress and frustration. I feared the technology also.

And instead everything went well: the meeting between the children and the special harmony that has been established right from the start. Special. As a friend to have a fixed appointment every day. By faith and then also for us family members.

Day after day we started to feel more and more united and friends, although we didn't know each other at all. In fact of them I knew the house, the relatives and them our affections, the friends. It seemed to us normal to present to them our intimacy.

Winning the choice of being able to do the project at home. Winning for the whole family. We work and we have another son Philip. Really complicated to think of taking and bringing a baby out in the evening around 19 to do Mirrorable Leaving the other son to the grandparents waiting for our return and that of my husband.

The project is over.

We met again in January with Marco's family.

We couldn't wait to hug them. We exchanged a little gift. Both without warn us, it was simply natural.

We took vacation all that day. My husband, I and also the brother of faith did not go to the maternal to meet Marco. It was a party.

It was a psychologically and humanly wonderful project. We saw two children with the same problems and frustrations that were mirrored and they learned to support each other because they two, more than anyone, they could understand.

I saw my son moving his left hand stimulated by the magician Walter and Marco but also by all their family and ours. Each other with us, us with them. A team.

We felt our son's self-esteem grow and this gave us serenity.

Tears come down when I think of the project, the endless availability of Roberto and Francesca, available at any time, every hour, when I think of the neurologist, the family of Marco that I still look for when I watch the TV screen. And to the whole group FightTheStroke , an extended family of people who know how we parents feel. They are the only ones for real.

I told Federico that for the moment with Marco we are taking a break but that in a while we will connect again. He can't wait, and so do we.

In the meantime I have to find the words to explain to him that the neurologist, that is, the Chief Wizard of Wizards, is about to become head of some other department.


With affection, Stefania Marco Federico and Filippo


Milan, February 2017 – testimony collected on the occasion of the thesis project of Ilaria Cervetto. For more information about the project: Www. Mirrorable . org