Hello, we introduce ourselves, we are Lucia and Adriano and we are the parents of Andrea (7 years) and Anna (2 years).

We understand (we parents) that something does not go on a motor level in Anna when she has about 7 months. Left leg and arm do not move like the right ones and the hand is almost always tightened to pugnetto.

From there begins the path of the various medical visits that between more or less realistic hypotheses finalizes 3 months after with the MRI and the certain diagnosis of cerebral ischemia DX.

We do not know with confidence how and when it happened, we trust the neuropsychiatrist who takes care of Anna who believes that the event can be placed temporally during the months of gestation. Moreover, it was born at the end of the term with a natural physiological birth and Apgar 9/10; Nothing suggests that there may have been perinatal complications... But the truth we may never know.

The first interviews with the doctors leave us with so many unanswered questions. The report speaks of left hemiparesis but when you enter the world of brain Injury No doctor or therapist is unbalanced... Small or large that they are. 

Walk? Will he move his hand? is the damage only motor or could there be anything else? These are very difficult days but we strive to be optimistic.

Meanwhile, even before having the result of RM, recommended by our beloved and precious psycho/physiotherapist, we start three weekly sessions of Psychomotricity at the childhood center of our city.

Anna gains great benefit from the presence of her father who is at home because at the same time she lost her job. This further bad chapter of our family life will prove to you the best thing that could happen. 

The daily work done at home with love, combined with that with the physiotherapist, will greatly speed up its progress. 

At the end of her first year she is prescribed the use of a brace for both legs (to make her start walking in a balanced way on both sides) and orthopedic shoes. It is May and the idea of making them face the summer with those "so" legs and legs closed in the shoes makes us miss the air, but the facts will help us to elaborate quickly the thing and take it with the right philosophy. She with the guardians is safer and the improvements are seen.  

Anna starts walking alone in October, she's 17 months old. If only in July we were told that he would do so soon we would never have believed it.

The progress on the hand is a bit slower but also make them feel the months of work of psychomotricity, and gradually keeps it open more and more often.

Fortunately it is right and clearly its primary use is with this hand, but now in case of need the left is not completely excluded. When it's useful, remember to have it!

The choice to send it to the nursery is also a winning one. Being with children is fundamental in many respects and its Mirror Neurons They are constantly stressed! He has been talking for at least 2/3 months and relates in a much more serene and open with adults and children!

Meanwhile, after many unsuccessful searches on the web of someone who was experiencing our path, I run almost by accident on the Facebook page of FightTheStroke And I come into contact with Francesca Fedeli . 

We read all in one breath "fight and Smile", his book, and finally in the Facebook group we find ourselves talking and sharing experiences and emotions with people who know what we are talking about and not only with friends and relatives who, by affection or otherwise, know just tell us "but you give , you'll see that everything will be fine! -but you don't really notice that a hand is always closed! Oh, I didn't even notice the guardians of my legs.

Sharing with parents who speak our own language and living situations similar to ours is an unexpected gift for which we will never thank enough Francesca.

Surely we consider it essential to establish a good relationship with the medical team that follows our children. It is very important not to break down and face the day to day life, one step at a time and we are succeeding thanks to the support of the psychotherapist who followed Anna from the beginning and who gave us the tools to manage emotionally and practically the Situation. 

Anna is a ray of sunshine that illuminates our days with her grit and sympathy and we hope that she will continue to face her life with this spirit.

Mother Lucia and Father Adriano, August 2016