' Swiping right ' It is the movement that is done to show appreciation for an appointment on the most famous dating site in the world. We deal with children, seemingly as far away from this reality, and yet Tinder and his pairing algorithm have been inspiring to develop the mechanism behind Mirrorable: The first platform for motor learning based on mirror neurons, where the ideal combination of children allows them to learn between ' peers ' and not only from the ' big '.

So, in 2016 we have worked so, under the banner of contamination from different sectors and increasingly approaching the satisfaction of our community needs, one swipe after another. We plan, we realize, we move forward. Without too much frills.

This was still the year of the TED: from our Talk That has exceeded the million views, participation in the TED Summit Speakers in Canada and our TEDx Italian Favorites, until the third year of organization of the TEDMED Live FightTheStroke In Italy.

This was the year of the families, who exceeded the threshold of the 500 parents in Italy, who together told their Stories, inspired by other communities and helped co-create new solutions in an online health world that is increasingly fluid and perilous to navigate. With the movement of families, thanks to the partners and the team of the CNR of Parma we started the first pilot project to validate Mirrorable : In 2017 we will have the first results and from there the next step is to replicate the solution globally and on other targets.

For families we have continued to create opportunities for comparison, at the local level and International, organized meetings with other communities and specialists, promoted A validated information, started the first conventions and soon will come also the first Stroke Center pediatric in Italy.

A thank you goes to those who continue to follow us and reward us even today, to those who help us to spread the cause or decide to study at university: In the end everything could vanish with a story told in 6 minutes. And yet today there are those who in silence and by affinity of values lends their professionalism to help the young survivors of stroke: from the team We are Social That helped us develop some of our campaigns, the Magician Walter Rolfo Who has made available his skills to teach the magic of rehabilitation with Mirrorable , the Board of Fighters and the participants in the first Jeffersonian Dinner, volunteers, curators and partners of Call4Brain . com, the network of Eisenhower, Ashoka And Global Good Fund Fellows, a new extended family of those who like us are not satisfied and continue to flow life.

Happy year and # FightTheStroke ,

Francesca Mario and Roberto

# FightTheStroke , January 2017

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' Swiping right ' is what you do on Tinder to approve the perfect dating. We care of children, so apparently miles away from this topic, indeed Tinder algorithm inspired us to develop Mirrorable Perfect matching of kids, willing to learn new motor skills from peers other from adults.

In 2016 We worked like this, crosspollinating different communities and swiping right towards our cause needs ' satisfaction. We plan, make, go on. No Frills.

This has been again the year of TED: from our Talk Overpassing 1m views, to taking part to the Red Circle of speakers at the TED Summit In Banff and attending to our favorite TEDx Events In Italy, up to the third year of being Tedmedlive Ambassadors in Milan.

2016 has been the year of the families, more than 500 parents in Italy, together they took courage to tell their Stories, inspiring other families and helping on co-creating healthcare solutions where formal providers are not providing them. Together with them, and thanks to our funders and the National Research Center in Parma, we kicked off the first Pilot to make Mirrorable A viable and officially tested solution: In 2017 we'll have the first results and then the project could be replicated at global level and on different targets.

For the families, we kept on creating chances to get continuous feedbacks, at local and International The level, we organized open door meetings with other communities and subject matter experts, we drivers a Scientific savvy Information sharing process, we set up dedicated benefits and soon the first Pediatric Stroke Center will arrive in Italy too.

Our Thanksgiving goes to those who kept on following and rewarding us till now, to those who are helping us on spreading our message or on writing a research paper on our story: pretty rare for something that could have lasted for a 6 minutes talk.

Indeed, still today we are surrounded by silent people that are giving back to us their knowledge and their time to support young stroke survivors and their families: some examples among many, We are Social Italy, a young, successful and expert team helping us for digital campaigns, able to treat FightTheStroke As if we were the best paying clients; Walter Rolfo Magician, who has been the first testimonial of our Mirrorable on Magic pilot; The well renown Board of Fighters and those proudly attending to our first Jeffersonian Dinner and Call4Brain . com Events The Fellowship networks, friends from the Eisenhower, Ashoka and Global Good Fund Communities, a new enlarged family of changemakers that, like us, keep on swiping right for a better future.

Happy New Year and # FightTheStroke ,

Francesca Mario and Roberto

# FightTheStroke , January 2017