As a mission in life we deal with a pathology that affects up to 3 children every 1000 born, which means that at this time in Italy there will be at least 8000 individuals for which we fight every day, 2 million in the world. So many to be termed ' rare ', few to affect more ' commercial ' realities. Yet brain injuries in young age remain the first cause of disability in minors.

Our association is called ' Fight The Stroke ' and protection of those who have had the stroke in the belly of the mother or shortly after, when it was still small and eliminate the risk factors, such as smoking or a milk too fat, would be served little.

And so families who live in serene pregnancies and expectations, find themselves at some point to be special, fragile, vulnerable. And not by choice, not by fault.

Every day we talk with mothers to whom the Doctor takes away all hope (' from stroke does not heal '), at work try to ask the part-time and after a few years resign, life becomes more complicated, more costs to deal, less time available , and often the family unit also flakes.

This is the scenario that addresses those who have a child with cerebral palsy, but for any other caregiver who is to make responsible decisions about a vulnerable family, the situation does not change much.

Missing a support network able to amortize the stroke of trauma that enters the family and so the protection network we have created us, with a group closed on Facebook where we share problems and test solutions: That's why recently Facebook Italy has rewarded us as champions of Health (www.premioilcampione.com) for having ' observed ' that today the real innovation ' disruptive ' in medicine are the self-help groups for over 2mld of individuals, that 30% of the global population that you define a user Active social networks (source: Digital report in 2016 – We are social).

And in times of elections, nominations and primaries was born in this way by the group our proposal of actions for a more inclusive and responsible society, in the manner of FightTheStroke .

1.    Patronage of institutions to inclusive socio-cultural activities: The offer of family-friendly activities with children is a growing indicator in the main Italian cities, complicit in the availability of resources allocated to families with only one Baby. We would like, however, not having to call again to ask if that exhibition there is a ramp of access but can rely on a municipal administration that grants its patronage only to the activities ' certificate ' as inclusive and not discriminating. It should not be such an onerous measure.

2.    Exposure to diversity from a young age: there has been a great deal of recent networking on whether or not to create games that represent disability (Http://giornimoderni.donnamoderna.com/societa/barbie-curvy-lego-carrozzella); Here, we think differently, we wrote it here too (http://www. FightTheStroke . org/Lottaesorridi/) and we therefore propose an exposure to ' real ' diversity from a young age: on the more than 200,000 pupils with disabilities in Italy, what would it mean to enable young students to a mentorship path of their most disadvantaged peers?

3.    Smartworking is also wifi in the waiting rooms of hospitals and rehabilitation centers: The children we know we attend two or three times a week of rehabilitation centers on the territory, where the waiting rooms swarm with moms that almost always They receive permits law 104 for these hours of ' pause ' from work. It will be so difficult for a telco operator to offer a WiFi connection in these environments and allow special parents to continue to be productive even when they are forced to be away from the desk?

4.    Facilitation for the reintegration of the women caregiver: from a very brief survey on our group 80% of the respondents moms declare not to work anymore, we try to return to the office after a difficult motherhood but between dirty eyes and chafing Family at the end you surrender. Can you do something? Projects like Maam http://maternityasamaster.com/workshop/  They go in this direction but fragile moms carry the weight of less flexibility compared to ' typical ' moms; What would happen if these parents were also included here for example http://www.jobmetoo.com/, in the lists of jobs for protected categories?

5.    Physiotherapist at school: move 1 to educate 30. Instead of moving 1 child 3 times a week to do psychomotricity or occupational therapy sessions, what would happen if we moved the therapist to the classroom? Will it hurt the other 29 pupils? That would be a #buonascuola for us.


Because health is a problem for everyone and it is enough to become special families.


You can also contribute to help the young survivors of the stroke informing and buying here the book ' Fight and Smile ' published by Sperling & Kupfer: Http://www.amazon.it/Lotta-sorridi-Francesca-Fedeli/dp/8820057700/ref=tmm_hrd_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1424172150&sr=1-1

Or with a donation to the association www.fighttehstroke.org On the site or theIBAN IT95T0335901600100000131356