The Association FightTheStroke

The Social Promotion Association FightTheStroke Formally formed in 2014 with the Goals Of

  1. responding to the need for knowledge of families impacted by the management of a stroke survivor

  2. educate the awareness that children, even those not yet born, can be affected by stroke

  3. inspire new generations and foster research and adoption of therapies ' disruptive '

The FightTheStroke Association is represented by:

Francesca Fedeli

President and Co-founder

Linkedin: Francescafedeli

Twitter: @la_franci

Mario D'Angelo

Honorary President

Linkedin: FightTheStroke . org

Twitter: @ FightTheStroke

Roberto D'Angelo

CEO and Co-founder

Linkedin: Roberdan

Twitter: @roberdan

The association FightTheStroke is part of an international network as a member of the Board of Directors of theInternational Alliance for Pediatric Stroke (IAPS).

FightTheStroke è parte del Board of Directors dello IAPS (International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke). Clicca per andare sul sito.

FightTheStroke He is part of the Board of Directors of the IAPs (International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke). Click to go to the site.

See the Statute and theRegistration Act of the Social Promotion Association FightTheStroke: